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Wednesday, January 16

Asos Party Pieces

Completely fangirling this lovely polish from Models Own. I've had it about 3 weeks yet forgot about it, how is this possible?! I managed to get free delivery from an offer that Asos had on at the time, I don't think I'd pay delivery for just a £5 polish, although I do love it so much! It is quite similar to Ibiza Mix, what makes it different however is the little silver pieces in the background which give it a much fuller coverage. The photos here show just one quite thin coat on top of a pale pink Nails Inc shade.

Friday, December 21

OTT Glitter

As much as I hate the brand name (Angelica - ew) I've had so many compliments on this glitter polish. It is such a good Ibiza Mix dupe and for a fraction of the price. I'm not too sure where you can purchase it from, but I got it at a Primark concession for £2! Ibiza Mix is, in my opinion, a much classier glitter and the pieces aren't so colourful and give a more subtle effect but when you want an 'in your face' glitter, I love this one!

Sunday, December 2


Dress: H&M - Top: Primark - Nails: Models Own Jade Stone
I love when I find old clothes and wear them in a new way, until my next student loan it's the closest I'll come to new clothes (sob) This dress is far far too low cut for me but I love it as a skirt.

p.s, some one comment all the many many reasons I should buy this dress? I love it, but £26 when I already have it in Grey? 

(The title comes from this song by Haim that I can not stop listening to) 

Saturday, November 24

"It looks like cement"

I've wanted an American Apparel polish for ages (preferably the Ibiza-mix like one), so when I saw the email circluating the internet to pick up a free one I pretty much ran to the city centre! 
The quote in the title is my boyfriend's opinion on the colour, but what do boys know hey! I love the colour, and you can really tell the difference in quality in comparison to other brands as it's lasted much longer before chipping, 
I'd love to get another AA polish but with the £9 price tag I'll have to wait til I really want to treat myself! 

Wednesday, November 14

Purple Poppy

Really wasn't sure about Purple Poppy when I first had it delivered in the amazing 50% off sale. Probably just because of how different it looked to the image on the site, it is a lot more pink toned than what I was expecting and not as dark. 
This is the second time I've wore it and now I've really come around to it, even though it isn't a normal shade I would choose in store.

Thursday, October 18

Persian Pickles

This design was surprisingly so easy, and so fun to do! I love Paisley print so it wasn't going to be long before I tried to put it on my nails. 
The bottom picture is my haul from the 50% off Models Own sale, how good was it! 

Sunday, July 15

Jade Flower

This horrible summer means all I have to do is watch Game of Thrones, use my Kindle and paint my nails. I've had a lot of practice of all three. I copied this design off Kelly's blog and I think it looks pretty good for a first go!