Thursday, January 31

Nude Magique BB Cream

I'm so lazy, I hate the feeling of make up on my skin, but I still need a bit of coverage. So BB Cream is a pretty good alternative to foundation for me! This Nude Magique one by Loreal is a really good one, it feels light on the skin but still covers the majority of blemishes with a bit of concealer for the worse ones.
It really is a lovely texture, I can't really describe it but if you've used Porefessional it's a similar silky feel.
I'm really excited about the Nude Magique CC cream that was announced today, if it works as well as its BB friend (BB BFFL) it will be brilliant.



  1. Is this the bb cream that comes out white buts changes colour when applied? I saw a few bad reviews about it, including a grainy texture? Hence why I was put off, but it looks quite nice on your hand!

  2. Yeah, it does apply lovely though. I'd recommend it! :) xxxx


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