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Saturday, February 8

Simple tips

I love my job, it's in the career I want and it's fun. But not being allowed to have my nails painted is such a pain. But a few loopholes, what you can't see doesn't count, and viola! I thought I used to have a white polish for French Manicure tips, but not being able to find it led to using the pale pink, Fiji dupe, Easy Going shade by Sinful Colours. And I actually much prefer this. Although it's a bit messy, not bad for 11pm while on the phone may I add, it'll do for work. Naked nails are just ugly.

Friday, February 7

Adventure Time

As I mentioned in my 'I'm ready for you, 2014' post, I'm going interrailing in June and I couldn't be more excited if I tried. I've never really understood the point of the 'buy a holiday wardrobe' thing, surely you can just wear what you have already and spend your money actually on the holiday? But I guess interrailing is a completely different thing, so I'll need some essentials. As much as I'd love to take every outfit I own with me, I turn into the crankiest person alive when I carry too much. Achy shoulders are not my friend. Luckily, I'm borrowing my aunties travel backpack, so I should be able to carry quite a lot without the weight, but I still want to take the bare minimum I can get away with. To do this, I'm on the hunt for the perfect pair of denim shorts, that I can wear constantly and that will go with anything. A day of Northern Quarter Levis hunting is on the cards. In terms of products, I'm planning on, again, taking as little as I can. Muji decanter pots will be my savior, only taking as much as I need, rather than huge tubs of shampoo will save valuable space and weight. I'm only really planning on taking loads of SPF, toner to keep oil at bay, and maybe an eyeliner for nights out. With that said, not wearing much make up poses the massively first world problems of not looking great on the photos. Cue sunglasses. I'm definitely getting some Clubmasters, not real ones of course (although I'd love some for my 21st, we'll see!) and I think i'll get a few other pairs. I lose everything! The one down side to travelling, is the actual travelling part. My kindle, maybe a few real books, bought as I go along, and a little Moleskine travel journal/book to doodle in might keep me sane on the 7 hour train journeys. I can't wait for more spring/summer collections to come in so I can start doing some real outfit planning/bikini hunting!

Thursday, January 2

Pamper or party?

A perfect pamper indulgence can be necessary sometimes. And this was *cough* my New Year's Eve night *cough*
To others, a twenty year old, spending the last night of the year in the hottest, bubbliest bath and considering it a choice well made may be a tad, pathetic? But I'm glad I did, I unleashed my inner Miranda Hart, embraced my lonewolf status and thought of nothing but myself, all night.
Waking up for the first day of 2014 refreshed, with glowing skin and a new hair colour seemed a far better alternative to a regretted hangover and upset bank account.
I'm planning reviews on the Origins Mask and La Roche Posay Effeclar Duo after a few more uses, I can't yet make up my mind. But as a review of Alexa Chungs book: buy it, right now. (Same applies for the Toblerone) 

Wednesday, January 1

Why eyeliner is like life

Tricky to get right
Impossible to get perfect
It works out best when you don’t try to be perfect
You’ll make mistakes, but they can be fixed
The mistakes you make, you tend to learn from, just keep make up remover handy.
Other people always seem to do it better
Too much crying will ruin it
As long as you’re having fun, it doesn’t really matter what it looks like
Also, this: 

Friday, November 22

Everyday Make up

I'm back! I needed a much needed break from blogging, I can't say I missed it, but I do really enjoy it so I'm going to start again. 
The title of this post is a bit of a lie. I rarely wear everything everyday, it depends on what I'm doing or how done up I want to look. This is what I wear if I want to have a proper face on! In this post is three of my favourite favourite products, although I love them all. As a base, I stick to Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer (like everyone else ever) set with Rimmell Stay Matte powder. I've never wore foundation, I just vary the amount of Lasting Perfection I use depending on how bad my skin is. I'm thinking about investing in some Real Techniques brushes, but for now I blend concealer with my fingers and brush on powder with a cheap Kabuki brush from H&M. For my eyes, I use a bit of the brow cream on my brows (obviously) from the Benefit set, and a brush of a nude shade from the MUA palette. I've tried a fair few liquid eyeliners, but the Natural Collections one is without a doubt the best I've ever used, I couldn't recommend it enough. I don't want to make this post too wordy, so I'll leave it as that. If you'd like to know anything else just leave a comment below! 

Wednesday, October 2

I'm a hazard to myself

Blog, meet Hazard. I was very naughty on the 20% off student day and went a bit wild, when I was only meant to be "buying my winter coat and browsing." I'll blog about my other purchases at some point but I am most excited by my gorgeous Topshop lipstick. I've wanted one for a while, I'm a sucker for packaging, but when a Topshop make up artist helped me find the shade I wanted I just couldn't say no. Any make up artist who can know what I mean when I asked for "dirty red" is clearly quite talented! Clearly I know nothing about describing make up so shouldn't really blog at all, but apparently "dirty red" was description enough. My go-to red has been the Bourjouis Colour Boost in Red Sunrise as it's so moisturising and easy to apply but as Hazard is a much deeper red I think it's less of a statement and suits my hair more! Unlike Red Sunrise, it's super pigmented so you have to be really careful when applying to not go overboard, but it sets surprisingly matte which I love. The one thing I can't stand about make up is being able to feel it on your skin, or lips, but when you only apply a little amount it is really light, so pretty much the perfect formula for me! I'm that in love with it I've dented a whole in it looking at myself while pushing the lid onto it (idiot) but hopefully I'll use it so much it'll smooth out soon. I'm now on the hunt for another Topshop shade, what have I started?! P.S, if anyone's missed me, which I doubt, I've been crazy busy starting back at uni but I'm going to get back into a blogging routine soon.

Friday, September 13

Pearls, leather and lipstick

It's my firm belief that some days you just need to be fabulous. Today is one of those days. I spent most of the day waiting for the decorator doing dissertation work, yawn, so when I left the house I wanted to get as dressed up as I could get away with. I unleashed my inner Carrie and threw on my old pearls (how cool does she look in the film when she wore a fur coat, PJs and pearls, swoons.) Even though I only popped to the library, Lush and Boots, it certainly perked up an otherwise dull rainy Friday. I also put on my Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in shade 19 and completely forgot how much I love it, perfect day colour! 

Saturday, August 17

Red Sunrise

I’m not normally one for a red lip, past attempts have been slightly short of a disaster. One example is when I had very dark hair and very bright flash and I ended up looking like a vampire transvestite. As much as I am avoiding that ever happening again, except maybe a Canal Street Halloween event, I’ve managed to find a red lip product that I love. The Bourjouis Colour (I know it’s Color, but I can’t bring myself to spell it like that) Boost lip crayons are a relatively new release that have been really popular with bloggers. After seeing Lily Melrose suit the Red Sunrise shade and my hair colour being similar, (ish, not similar enough) I thought I’d give it a whirl. I find them to be really moisturising and comfortable on the lips, although still not too glossy. I wouldn’t say the colour lasts for the promised 10 hours, yet they are surprisingly pigmented and do stick around for quite a while. I would recommend them to anyone as an easy pop of colour. I’m really hoping they bring out some more shades.
As a side note, I'm still poorly and so so bored, if you can think of anything I can do, or blog about, to keep my mind busy please comment it below. I'm worried I'll start calling everyone 'your grace' if I read any more Game of Thrones! 

Monday, July 22

Aldi mascara, really?

First of all, the shape, wink wink nudge nudge, is hilarious. I'm not sure if a hilarious shape is a plus side of a mascara, but if it was. Secondly, the price. I actually don't know the price as I was given it but after a quick internet browse, I found its around $4. For Aldi, you'd understandably be surprised to read it's not actually that bad! It is very thick, and even thinking about putting it near your lashes leads to the spiders legs effect. But if you're very gentle, it can lead to dramatic, thick lashes. I probably won't repurchase, unless I get really skint, but for what it is I can definitely recommend. In other news, I'm typing this on the bus, and it has its heater on. What?! 

Friday, June 7

Beauty Bizarre

When I first spotted the Harvey Nicks Beauty Bazaar and after reading such good reviews on the blogosphere, I could feel my purse crying in anticipation of what was going to happen, but I'd never been more disappointed in a store. I'm not sure if it was the rucksack and denim jacket look that I was wearing that led to such judgmental 'what are you doing in here' looks, but I was definitely the subject of a few looks down of noses. I might sound really paranoid and self conscious in saying that, but its how I felt and it led to me not feeling as comfortable as I would to browse and really have a look at anything before a purchase. With that said, I loved the small 'high street/drug store' section, the staff in that area were a lot more friendly, complimenting my Models Own Blueberry Muffin polish. I was tempted to purchase something in this section of the store, but there was nothing that I couldn't of picked up in a Boots in my rucksack and denim jacket. 
Hope you don't mind this ranty post, its only my opinion and I'm sure many many others have had a lovely experience, maybe I am just being self conscious!

Tuesday, May 7

Tans & Tiaras

Here is my lovely prize from Lora from Tans and Tiaras giveaway a while ago. How lucky am I?! I love the little crown she made, so sweet! I haven't tried all of the products yet, I popped on the Elemis Lip Revive on quickly to try it out because I was intrigued and absolutely loved it, it reminds me of the Dr Lipp Nipple Balm but not as thick. I'll do individual posts on bits soon once I've tried them, I just really wanted to show what I'd won and say thank you to Lora

Wednesday, April 3

Dainty Doll

I'm sure you've seen plenty (probably too many) bloggers talking about the Dainty Doll products selling ridiculously cheap on Fragrance Direct, but here's my little space on the internet to ramble on about it! I love the packaging, it's so classic and fuss-free. I've been after an eye shadow base for a while now as I really dislike the natural colour of my lids, they're quite red and just weird looking (probably just me that thinks this!) So I always put a small spot of concealer there, so it's nice to finally have something that's meant to be there! WHY DO I EVEN BLOG I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT MAKE UP?! Haha! Anyway..... I really like them is what I'm trying to say, and at their ridiculously reduced price tags, I recommend you go and have a look!

Wednesday, March 20

In with the old, until I buy the new!

I bought the striped primark dress I wore today so so so so long ago, I remember wearing it not last summer but the summer before when I saw LLYMLRS wear it as quite a decent Topshop dupe. That is crazy old. I didn't wear it that much as I bought the grey version too which I've wore to death. I've decided if I don't wear anything I own between now and when this Uni year is finished I am GETTING RID. *Cue dramatic music.* So I'm forcing myself to wear my old/not frequently worn things because otherwise what's the point in owning them right? You'll see on my Collection 65 post that I also want to try to use different nail varnishes to what I'm normally using too, but we will see! The money I make on eBay I'm sure I'll buy new clothes to reimburse! Also, I used my High Beam highlighter from my Benefit Finding Mr Bright palette that I've had a while but not used because I'm quite new to the whole highlighting-contouring-whatever world. But I love it, and actually noticed a difference despite it not being massively heavy.

Saturday, March 9

Sometimes I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion

I cannot believe I have 50 followers now, thank you so much, I appreciate it so much. I never thought anyone would want to read what I have to say, but I suppose everyone feels like that.
I bought the MUA Undressed palette and it came with the Pro Artiste Collection palette, everyone loves a good freebie! The Artiste palette has now ended up becoming one of my most used product (even the blue eye shadow - 90's fancy dress party anyone?) I hate the highlighter in it, it has a really weird texture and looks awful on my skin, but the blusher is perfect, as you can see on the photo I've hit pan pretty quickly! It is such a lovely coral pink shade, not too creamy but not too drying, and such a baragin price of only £1, I'm definitely going to try out more shades.
I think shade 4 is the same shade as the "Pink Sparkle" shade in the palette, it seems the same to me anyway. Does anyone else cringe at the word sparkle? Reminds me of childish glitter, and this quote from my favourite film.

Wednesday, March 6

Not a haul

Sorry I've been a bit blogging AWOL recently, been a bit down recently and didn't feel like it. I'm a firm believer that forced posts are awful to read, so I only write when I feel like it, even if the inconsistency is a bit annoying for you lovely 41 followers! (Should I do a giveaway thing when I reach 50? I think I might) 

These are a few little things I treated myself to this week that I adore! I hate the word "haul", I know it's thrown around a lot on blogs and on Instagram but there's something about it that I don't like, but I suppose it is a little bit of a haul! (I also bought Kate Nash's new album Girl Talk, but I downloaded it so can't really include a photo of that!) 

I'm going to do individual reviews of the Essie polishes and the MUA blusher, because I haven't tried them yet and think they're so pretty they deserve their own posts. I bought these sunglasses from Topshop because this sudden little burst of sunshine we've had made me remember I broke mine last year and needed some new ones. You might have seen on my Instagram I really wanted these ones but as usual I wimped out and bought the boring simple ones that I'll get more wear out of. Damn sensibleness ruining the fun! 

I also bought this dress for my birthday night out on Saturday, but I'm a bit unsure if it's very "me", but hey, if you can't wear a glittery pink tutu dress for your birthday then when can you! 

Thursday, February 28


I will get this look!  

Don't even know why I try blogging I'm the most unphotogenic person ever ever (I only had eyeliner on!)

I wish I could brave a Zoe LDN look, but I'm no where near brave enough, and with volunteering and working, I don't think they'd appreciate me walking in with bright pink hair (as much as I'd love to) so maybe I should settle for a Heather from Effies Make Up Box type look, I love her hair colour/style/everthing. I keep saying that I'm having a pre-graduating mid-life crisis. After I graduate and enter the real world I can't have crazy hair or whatever I want, scary. 
I put on a dye from superdrug before Christmas, and I did really love it but it wasn't bright enough at all, but for the cost of it I can't really complain. Seeing as I was putting it on top of a dark colour rather than a blonde, it was never going to be that bright.
I picked up a Directions pot from Afflecks Palace however, and really loved it! I think the two times I've used it I diluted it with conditioner far too much, so it didn't make a huge impact to what I already had, but because of it only being semi permanent and compared to permanent shades quite good for my hair, I don't really mind doing it a few times a month to keep it topped up. I might have another go soon not diluting it anywhere near as much to see what happens! As much as I love having long hair, it is only hair. It will grow back, eventually! 

(p.s, I didn't wash the conditioner out properly in my roots, so put a bit of dry shampoo on, it's not actually grey at the roots!)

Thursday, January 31

Nude Magique BB Cream

I'm so lazy, I hate the feeling of make up on my skin, but I still need a bit of coverage. So BB Cream is a pretty good alternative to foundation for me! This Nude Magique one by Loreal is a really good one, it feels light on the skin but still covers the majority of blemishes with a bit of concealer for the worse ones.
It really is a lovely texture, I can't really describe it but if you've used Porefessional it's a similar silky feel.
I'm really excited about the Nude Magique CC cream that was announced today, if it works as well as its BB friend (BB BFFL) it will be brilliant.