Thursday, February 28


I will get this look!  

Don't even know why I try blogging I'm the most unphotogenic person ever ever (I only had eyeliner on!)

I wish I could brave a Zoe LDN look, but I'm no where near brave enough, and with volunteering and working, I don't think they'd appreciate me walking in with bright pink hair (as much as I'd love to) so maybe I should settle for a Heather from Effies Make Up Box type look, I love her hair colour/style/everthing. I keep saying that I'm having a pre-graduating mid-life crisis. After I graduate and enter the real world I can't have crazy hair or whatever I want, scary. 
I put on a dye from superdrug before Christmas, and I did really love it but it wasn't bright enough at all, but for the cost of it I can't really complain. Seeing as I was putting it on top of a dark colour rather than a blonde, it was never going to be that bright.
I picked up a Directions pot from Afflecks Palace however, and really loved it! I think the two times I've used it I diluted it with conditioner far too much, so it didn't make a huge impact to what I already had, but because of it only being semi permanent and compared to permanent shades quite good for my hair, I don't really mind doing it a few times a month to keep it topped up. I might have another go soon not diluting it anywhere near as much to see what happens! As much as I love having long hair, it is only hair. It will grow back, eventually! 

(p.s, I didn't wash the conditioner out properly in my roots, so put a bit of dry shampoo on, it's not actually grey at the roots!)


  1. I really love your hair so much, but change is always good too! And you're gorgeous, wish my skin looked like that with no makeup, lucky girl

    A little bit Unique


    1. Haha thank you! I'm currently deciding if I should grow my fringe out or not! xxxxx

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  3. I've used directions to dye my hair so many times, I tend to leave it on not diluted at all, for like an hour to get intense colour, and then every week or two, mix it in with my conditioner and leave it in for half an hour in the bath! Always worked well for me! xx

    1. Oooh ok thank you for the tip! :) xxxx


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