Wednesday, March 27

Help Annie Apple!

This is a bit of a random one I'm afraid! One of my favourite bloggers, Annie from Apple Toothpaste needs your help to fill out a short survey for her course. I tried to find the link where she posted about it, and failed, but here was her email about it. It would be lovely if us bloggers could help her out! 

"Just pick one, but don’t look at the one you don’t choose, because that’s cheating! It takes about ten minutes to fill in, and you don’t have to know anything beforehand. My supervisor wants me to get sixty responses (I don’t think I even know sixty people, I laughed in his face but he didn't see the problem...) so if you can pass this along to anyone who has a spare ten minutes that would be absolutely great!"


  1. thank you so much! this is so incredibly lovely of you, i honestly can't thank you enough! x


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