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Friday, February 7

Adventure Time

As I mentioned in my 'I'm ready for you, 2014' post, I'm going interrailing in June and I couldn't be more excited if I tried. I've never really understood the point of the 'buy a holiday wardrobe' thing, surely you can just wear what you have already and spend your money actually on the holiday? But I guess interrailing is a completely different thing, so I'll need some essentials. As much as I'd love to take every outfit I own with me, I turn into the crankiest person alive when I carry too much. Achy shoulders are not my friend. Luckily, I'm borrowing my aunties travel backpack, so I should be able to carry quite a lot without the weight, but I still want to take the bare minimum I can get away with. To do this, I'm on the hunt for the perfect pair of denim shorts, that I can wear constantly and that will go with anything. A day of Northern Quarter Levis hunting is on the cards. In terms of products, I'm planning on, again, taking as little as I can. Muji decanter pots will be my savior, only taking as much as I need, rather than huge tubs of shampoo will save valuable space and weight. I'm only really planning on taking loads of SPF, toner to keep oil at bay, and maybe an eyeliner for nights out. With that said, not wearing much make up poses the massively first world problems of not looking great on the photos. Cue sunglasses. I'm definitely getting some Clubmasters, not real ones of course (although I'd love some for my 21st, we'll see!) and I think i'll get a few other pairs. I lose everything! The one down side to travelling, is the actual travelling part. My kindle, maybe a few real books, bought as I go along, and a little Moleskine travel journal/book to doodle in might keep me sane on the 7 hour train journeys. I can't wait for more spring/summer collections to come in so I can start doing some real outfit planning/bikini hunting!

Sunday, August 25

Old favourite

When I first got into reading blogs almost two years ago now, (where has that time gone?) I first started reading Lily's from LLYMLRS. I much prefer reading fashion blogs than beauty, as I'd much rather spend my money on clothes than make up. I realised today that that means I've loved Lily's signature polish duo of Models Own Utopia and Models Own Ibiza Mix for two years. I think Utopia was the first Models Own polish I bought, and I now have about 30. The first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem! In a way, I probably regret starting reading blogs because that is a lot of dollar! I went off wearing glitter polish for quite a while, just because of how much of a nightmare it is to get off, but I still love Ibiza Mix and as stupid as it sounds, I feel myself when I wear it.

Thursday, August 15

Leibster Award time!

I love a good Leibster Award between bloggers, it's a fun way to get to know other bloggers and find new ones with under 200 followers. I was nominated by Shan over at and loved answering her questions! I really struggled to think up 11 others to pass along to other people, it took me quite a while but I enjoyed doing it. It's given me something to do while I'm stuck in my sick bed anyway!
I would like to nominate Annie from Apple Toothpaste, she's got just over 200 followers (I'm such a rebel), but she's lovely and I love her photography. Also Leah from Rollerblades and Vintage, her outfit posts are so sweetly taken! Chloe at Bonjour Perfection lost her old blog and had to start again so I'd like to nominate her new one! Also Kate from Down The Rabbit Hole, I can't believe she has so few followers. As bad as it sounds, I was really hoping Elise from would have under 200 followers, as I adore her blog and really wanted to nominate her! I'd also like to nominate Jessica at hifreckles because she has the cutest dress sense and I love seeing her outfit posts. I would definitely like to include Hayley at makeupmusicfashion because it was her blog that reminded me that if I want to post about music, I can, so what if blogs are normally about make up! I'm going to leave it there, I didn't want to just find random links to sites, I wanted to include small blogs that I actually really like. My answers from Shan and my questions can be found here. (I didn't want this post to be too long winded!)
Comment your link if you've completed my questions, I'd love to read them!

Tuesday, May 7

Tans & Tiaras

Here is my lovely prize from Lora from Tans and Tiaras giveaway a while ago. How lucky am I?! I love the little crown she made, so sweet! I haven't tried all of the products yet, I popped on the Elemis Lip Revive on quickly to try it out because I was intrigued and absolutely loved it, it reminds me of the Dr Lipp Nipple Balm but not as thick. I'll do individual posts on bits soon once I've tried them, I just really wanted to show what I'd won and say thank you to Lora

Monday, April 8


There is nothing like a really important piece of work due in that makes you want to do ANYTHING else instead of it. I love the essay that I am supposed to be doing right now, but I'm still so easily distracted! So, I made a Tumblr. Ooops. I'm really enjoying it though, I never got onto the bandwagon years ago when everyone else did, I'm not sure why, I couldn't be bothered I guess (had nothing else more important to be doing?) So, yeah, here it is! Follow me if you like (do you follow people? I have no idea) and feel free to put your links in the comments so I can see yours too!

Tuesday, April 2

Fail For You

Bad quality photos on blogs really annoy me and now I keep uploading them! My camera refuses to focus when I'm far from the camera. (If it bothers you as much as it bothers me, comment and I'll make more effort to focus my camera!)
ANYWAY. This is quite a simple outfit I guess, black, white and grey aren't the most exciting colours I own. I bought this blazer recently from Primark reduced from £30 to £10 after seeing it on an I Covet Thee haul video and I'm so glad I bought it as I nearly didn't! I've got a feeling it will go with quite a lot of my clothes and it looks smart without being uncomfortable. I put the Rimmell Lycra Pro polish on as it only needs one coat and I was in a rush! I wore this to the Raquib Shaw exhibition at the Manchester Art Gallery and to the library to get started on my dissertation, scary! Also, I'm wearing some of my new Dainty Doll make up in these photos which I will blog about soon.

Sunday, March 31

Catch up #2

Happy Easter! Hope you're all in food comas by now! I'm going to spending the night finding new blogs and new music for some inspiration (as well as eating more chocolate, obviously.) I'm really looking forward to getting back to uni now so I can have all my things I've left behind around me, see my friends again and go to interesting places! Feel like I haven't been to an art gallery or museum for months and months (it's been about two weeks haha.) And I can't wait to get back into proper blogging again, I've got a few ideas planned like an empties post, a new bleached hair care post, and hopefully some outfit posts if my skin stops being to awful to face the camera! Wishlists are lovely to see, but they can get a bit monotonous! I am enjoying being home with Sky on the big screen and the heating on for now though, just looking forward to getting back to uni!

Wednesday, March 27

Help Annie Apple!

This is a bit of a random one I'm afraid! One of my favourite bloggers, Annie from Apple Toothpaste needs your help to fill out a short survey for her course. I tried to find the link where she posted about it, and failed, but here was her email about it. It would be lovely if us bloggers could help her out! 

"Just pick one, but don’t look at the one you don’t choose, because that’s cheating! It takes about ten minutes to fill in, and you don’t have to know anything beforehand. My supervisor wants me to get sixty responses (I don’t think I even know sixty people, I laughed in his face but he didn't see the problem...) so if you can pass this along to anyone who has a spare ten minutes that would be absolutely great!"

Thursday, March 14

Pesky Google

I love the word "pesky", there is something brilliant about it but I can't decide what. Reminds me of "I would of got away with it if it wasn't for those meddling kids"
Wow, that was a tangent, sorry, basically Google are pesky. Getting rid of GFC like that! I'm really not a massive fan of Bloglovin, I don't really understand it but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it. So anyway, apologies on your feed for what must be 289358298 posts of the same thing, but here you have it! Follow my blog with Bloglovin
Right, now to the interesting bit. Lectures got cancelled last minute this morning so I got to sit in bed on my laptop and then met friends in Trof for lunch and green tea. I've got so much on at the minute it was nice to have a relaxed morning for a little while!  Here are the few things I picked up from Forever 21 on my birthday (post linked here.) I absolutely love the shirt, it's a bit brighter than I wanted originally, but it's a really pretty colour. I really like how the studs aren't gold or silver, makes them more subtle.
As a little extra point, I had such a good response to my post about talking about music, thank you so much! You are right, it is my little part of the internet, I should write about what I care about.

Wednesday, March 13


57 followers? What? I seriously can't believe it, my aim was always 50 followers, and when I first started out it seemed pretty unrealistic I'd ever get to that many and it's flew by in a few months! Thank you so much for clicking my page and reading what I have to say. 

I know I'll get more followers if I post outfits, nails, wishlists, make up reviews etc etc but I need to ask a quick question if you wouldn't mind commenting on this post or tweeting me @chloetea_ to let me know? 
Would you still read my blog if I occasionally posted about music? I do adore make up, clothes and nails. They tend to be the posts I read the most on blogs like LLYMLRS and Hello Chloe Rose, but I also love reading music blogs (please send links if you have one!) 

I obviously wont stop posting outfits and wishlists etc, but when I started really liking MS MR I really wanted to share them and write my thoughts about them but stopped and thought "ooh no I can't write about that, no one will want to read that", but it's silly because we all love music right? 


Monday, February 4

20 little facts

1 I’m embarrassed to copy this post off all the other blogs I read, but self-obsessed enough to love making it!
2 If I had to decide who my best friend was, I would choose my Nan or my cat, as sad as that is!
3 My two favourite books are The Gruffalo and 1984
4 I hate my fringe, but I’m too scared to try grow it out
5 I’ve never worn foundation, and never plan to. EFFORT
6 I plan on being exactly like Miranda when I’m older, but with pets
7 Every once in a while I feel so trapped and need to have an entire day alone in a place I’ve never been before, they’re called ‘Chloe days’
8 I love my degree, I can’t think of many lectures I haven’t enjoyed
9 I can only wear nice clothes when I’m happy, otherwise they get ruined by the bad day
10 On Friday I’m going to the 2013 NME Awards Tour and I first saw my boyfriend at the 2009 one, cute huh
11 The only good thing about where I’m from is that LLYMLRS is also from there, and a bridge
12 I could give up all music apart from Bon Iver and be perfectly happy
13 I went through a phase of listening to Radio 1 all hours of the day that I was home
14 Nexus Arts Café is my favourite place in the world
15 My first day of primary school was in a wheelchair
16 My new year’s resolution was to  quit washing my hair every day, but I haven’t kept it
17 I've met Noel Fielding, and it was the best moment of my life 
18 I really don’t like the Vaccines or Miles Kane, even though I probably ‘should’
19 I only like the smell of vanilla candles, any others make me feel ill
20 I really regret not going to more gigs in the past few years

Monday, January 28

Topshop Wishlist

I'm having a Topshop Personal Shopping thing for my birthday in March from my boyfriend and family, so I'm going to keep an eye out for their new items more often to get a feel of what I might want. These are a few of my favourite things from the "new this week" section of the website. I absolutely love the print of this fox scarf, it's so cute! And the Paisley shirt is absolutely perfect, I want it so much! 
Have you blogged any new Topshop OOTD's recently, send links if you have, I need inspiration! 

Friday, January 25

Blog spot

  Style Diaries 

Nails: Barry M Purple Prickle & Models Own nail art pen 

I first got into reading blogs probably about a year ago now, so not really that long. There was an article in Company on who had won awards and I liked LLYMLRS's ombred hair (before everyone had it, remember that?) and noticed that where she was living at the time was near my hometown. From there I started reading all the big high street type blogs like What Olivia Did, and VIPXO.
Since then blogging has got so so big, bigger than I think anyone would of predicted with books now out on how to make the perfect blog. Blog Inc. is a fascinating read, with actually useful hints, most of which I could of learnt from looking at the most successful blogs for inspiration, but it's always nice to have someone do all the work for you!
Company magazine in particular really has jumped on board with the blog trend, I can't remember the last issue that didn't include someone I recognised. The January issue in particular got a lot of criticism for its seemingly mocking attitude towards many of the bloggers that read, and even are in the magazine. Its infamous "//:do you speak blog" article was, I'd assume, a joke but it very closely bordered on the edge of offensive. There has to come a point where you look back and think "hey, it's only a photo of my clothes and make up on the interenet, chill out." 
I love reading blogs, and I love blogging even though I'd never ever call myself a blogger, cringe. 

Wednesday, January 23

5 things

Jumper: Republic (old) Skirt: Primark (old) Nails: Essie Mint Candy Apple and Models Own nail art pen

I'm having such 'ugly days' recently I don't even know why I'm bothering to blog, and I'm not saying that in a "oh look how ugly I look in this photo, please post compliment comments to make me feel better" (I hate that too, trust me) I just feel it, even though I'm aware I'm not actually any worse looking than I was a month ago. It's probably a mixture of only wanting to wear my dressing gown and slippers all the time, and all of my warm ish clothes being at least a year old. Even though I do love my old clothes, I don't think many of them
suit who I am anymore. 
Caitlin Moran preaches it sistas, "When a woman says, 'I have nothing to wear!', what she really means is, 'There's nothing here for who I'm supposed to be today'" (had to try so hard to fight the student urge to reference that properly!)

5 things I hate/need to (and will) change: 
- being cold 
- having only a few warm outfits I like 
- wearing what I'm supposed to wear, instead of what I actually want to (it's ok to prefer converse to  my Topshop boots)
- Primark clothes that seem a good idea but you only wear a few times, cost per wear is key! 
- being cold, again just to prove my point on just how cold it is 

p.s, what do you think of my new header? I'm unsure! 

Sunday, December 30

To my lovely readers

Top: H&M - Skirt: Topshop - Phone Case: Cath Kidston - Bedroom: C/O messy boyfriend
I'm currently tucked up in bed feeling poorly, le sigh, and taking a break from 6 hour stints on my Christmas present to myself Sims 2. But Christmas was lovely and it's so nice to be home for a few weeks in the cosy festive spirit. I'm 99% sure no one wants to see my Christmas photos, but ah well here you are!

Hope you had a lovely Christmas, and happy new year for tomorrow!

p.s, I just ordered this Models Own polish to cheer up this poorly day, oops!

Sunday, December 23

Liebster award

I'd never heard of it before now, but Ceri Louise from Wardrobe Misfit has 'nominated' me for a Liebster award. It seems like such a cute way to get to know bloggers with not that many followers (under 300) and find new reads!

"The Liebster Award is for bloggers with under 300 followers and the rules of the award is that the nominee must link back to whoever awarded them, write 11 random facts about themselves, answer the 11 questions from the award giver, and then nominate another 11 bloggers and make up 11 questions for them to answer. It's a great way for new and undiscovered bloggers to meet new people, get more followers and find some blogs that they want to follow."

11 little embarrassing facts about me. (Embarrassing ones are funnier, no?) 
  1. I prefer Aldi Doritos to actual Doritos
  2. I use exclamations marks waaaay too much
  3. I don’t wear foundation, only tinted moisturiser (although this should probably change soon!)
  4. I love the musky smell of vintage shops
  5. I read all three Hunger Games books in about two months
  6. I am a self-confessed Instagram addict
  7. I love Hannah Montanna
  8. I paint my nails around 4/5 times a week
  9. I set my alarm 15 minutes earlier than I need to so I can check twitter/Instagram/Facebook before I get out of bed
  10. I don’t see the point of iPads if you have an iPhone, they seem exactly the same thing but bigger!
  11. My house is the coldest place on earth 
My answered questions from Ceri Louise 

What is your favourite food ever?
I’m not sure I really have a favourite, but (like everyone else) it’s probably Chinese food!
Who's style inspires you most? (friend/family/celeb)
Florence Welch, she makes the most unusual clothes seem effortless
What's your favourite perfume at the moment?
I have, and always will, adore Dolce and Gabanna Light Blue. The smell reminds me of happy times.
Do you have a favourite film of all time?
I could never choose between Stepbrothers or Mean Girls!
Who was your favourite band as a teenager?
I was more into female artists like Kate Nash, Ellie Goulding etc. I did have a major fangirl phase for Paolo Nutini too!
Where would you most like to visit?
I would say Berlin, but I’ve been there now! So Paris
What's your favourite fashion trend at the moment?
I love the shape of the Topshop skater skirts; they make your legs look so thin! Either that or the huge statement necklaces, they can make any outfit look that bit dressier.
What was the first blog you started reading?
Lily Melrose from, I saw her in a copy of company, then found out she’s from a little village near my home town!
What's the last book you read?
Game of Thrones, although it’s taken me months to get half way through!
What's the most expensive fashion/beauty item you've ever bought?
This is a tough one, I tend to have lots of cheaper things than a few expensive ones, but I’m coming around to change this now!  I used to shop a lot in Primark but now I’m thinking about what I buy as investments, looking at clothes in a price-per-wear way, my Topshop/Miss Selfridge clothes actually worked out at better value so I’m trying to stick to that now.
Do you have any pets?
I have my best friend, 17 year old Katie the cat. She’s precious.

My questions for you! 
  1. When did you first start blogging and why?
  2. What is the one beauty/hair care item you couldn’t live without
  3. What is your favourite ever song?
  4. What is your most embarrassing fashion mishap? (90’s double denim etc?)
  5. Do you prefer outfit or beauty posts?
  6. What is your least and most favourite thing about your looks?
  7. You have £5 to cheer yourself up on a bad day, what would you buy? (not food/drink)
  8. Describe your perfect day
  9. What do you think of the massively popular trends like the Topshop “Geek” tshirts?
  10. What is the next holiday you’re going on?
  11. Which is your favourite blog to read, and why? 
I've tagged (only 7, sorry! Please link me your blogs if you want to answer my questions) 

Lora from Tans and Tiaras
Olivia from The Fashion Diaries
Winnie from omfgwinnie
Charlotte from Charlottes Web
Caitlin-Rose from Confessions of Rose
Becca from Mintadelic