Thursday, May 9

Spring nails

I'm so glad to get back into blogging, I should really be revising, but now that essays are out of the way I can justify the odd break (I think.) This post is inspired by Alix's post on spring nail colours and here are a few of my favourite polishes to wear throughout spring, I'm starting to think spring might have sprung, I have the sun burnt knees to prove it! I'm not really a fan of the bright neon colours, they make my fingers look even thinner and longer than they already are, but I do love pastels. Models Own Utopia and Essia Fiji are shades I go back to all the time as they're so easy and wearable. If I had six fingers, I also would of included Barry M Gelly in the Lychee shade which I adore. If you have a similar post to this please link in the comments as I'd love to see!


  1. Lychee is one of my favourites, fjii looks super pretty too.


    1. It is so gorgeous, one of my favorites! Thank you for the follow sweet :) xxxxx

  2. Pretty, pretty pastels! I love the Essie one, it is such a lovely colour!

    Em x

  3. Awwh love these shades, Utopia is one of my favs xx


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