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Saturday, February 8

Simple tips

I love my job, it's in the career I want and it's fun. But not being allowed to have my nails painted is such a pain. But a few loopholes, what you can't see doesn't count, and viola! I thought I used to have a white polish for French Manicure tips, but not being able to find it led to using the pale pink, Fiji dupe, Easy Going shade by Sinful Colours. And I actually much prefer this. Although it's a bit messy, not bad for 11pm while on the phone may I add, it'll do for work. Naked nails are just ugly.

Tuesday, January 28

This accent, you just put it on

University gets so hectic in third year. If I could go back to my 18 year old self, I'd say enjoy first and second year while it lasts, it gets very busy very quickly. I remember when I used to spend so much time painting polka dots, flowers and paisley on my nails, but I've got so lazy now deadlines take priority. For lazy nails, there's one thing I love, accents. It's such an easy way to make your nails look done, without actually having to do that much! The past few birthdays and Christmas', I've asked for nail polishes. As much as I love 'out there' shades like this Models Own silver, they can be a bit much on all ten fingers and thumbs, but I don't want to leave them unloved on the shelf. Since I've started using accent nails more, I've been able to give my unloved shades a wear, toning them down with my usual colours. With that said, maybe I should put down the Fiji every day and start using the bright greens more? Can anyone tell my nail varnishes are my babies? They should be, most my first and second year loans went to buying them. Oops!

Sunday, August 25

Old favourite

When I first got into reading blogs almost two years ago now, (where has that time gone?) I first started reading Lily's from LLYMLRS. I much prefer reading fashion blogs than beauty, as I'd much rather spend my money on clothes than make up. I realised today that that means I've loved Lily's signature polish duo of Models Own Utopia and Models Own Ibiza Mix for two years. I think Utopia was the first Models Own polish I bought, and I now have about 30. The first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem! In a way, I probably regret starting reading blogs because that is a lot of dollar! I went off wearing glitter polish for quite a while, just because of how much of a nightmare it is to get off, but I still love Ibiza Mix and as stupid as it sounds, I feel myself when I wear it.

Monday, July 15

Coral Pro

As ashamed as I am to say it, I think I’ve had this Avon Nailwear Pro polish for 8 months and not yet used it. With the way I organise my nail polish collection, I keep my Models Own and Essie ones near the front, leaving the others behind. My Nan and Uncles girlfriend both work as Avon representatives so when I asked for nail polishes for Christmas, I received this as one of them. I of course appreciate them, but just forgot about them! This shade, for obvious reasons called Coral, is a gorgeous pinky-red toned colour that’s really bright on the nail. I used three coats here as they’re not heavily pigmented enough for my taste, but I’m sure two would do. I’m glad I tried this out, finally, as I was eyeing up a really similar bright coral shade from Essie. I’ve saved myself £8 there! Hopefully this will kick me into gear of using up the neglected polishes left to the back of the shelf.  

Friday, June 28

Cocktail Bling

Recently, I've realised I actually know all the proper names of my nail varnishes. I'm pretty sure normal people think "I'll wear the grey one today" not "I'll wear the Essie Cocktail Bling one today." Obsessed much? I worry myself.
Moving swiftly on... I haven't reviewed this Essie shade yet, and thought I'd combine it with a bit of a nail art post. I'm not massively keen on this Essie, compared to how much I love Mint Candy Apple and Fiji anyway, but it is a lovely purple/blue toned grey. I think I've seen this toned grey defined as elephant grey, but who knows! Hopefully I'll enjoy wearing it more in winter, but I've got really into pale pastel colours this 'summer.' As a bit of a catch up, I'm currently packing up my house ready to move on Monday, and reading/watching a lot of Game Of Thrones, why am I not a Khaleesi? 

Friday, May 24

Rosy Fiji

I just can't put Essie Fiji down, it is so perfect. Having nearly 70 polishes I get so annoyed at myself always using the same colour, but I just love it so much! I felt like putting something a bit different on today so added these little roses, I hope I can get back into nail art now I've finished Uni for the summer. Hopefully I'll have a bit more time because I really enjoy when I get around to it! I need to look at more nail art posts for inspiration to try something a bit different, if you know of any links of any cool designs comment them below!

Thursday, May 9

Spring nails

I'm so glad to get back into blogging, I should really be revising, but now that essays are out of the way I can justify the odd break (I think.) This post is inspired by Alix's post on spring nail colours and here are a few of my favourite polishes to wear throughout spring, I'm starting to think spring might have sprung, I have the sun burnt knees to prove it! I'm not really a fan of the bright neon colours, they make my fingers look even thinner and longer than they already are, but I do love pastels. Models Own Utopia and Essia Fiji are shades I go back to all the time as they're so easy and wearable. If I had six fingers, I also would of included Barry M Gelly in the Lychee shade which I adore. If you have a similar post to this please link in the comments as I'd love to see!

Friday, May 3


Not sure if it's a compliment to copy someone's nail art design, but I really liked this one by Lily Melrose of LLYMLRS. Its really pretty for this bit of spring we're having. My base is the Blueberry Gelly polish by Barry M. I really want to get back into nail art, doing this reminded me how much I enjoy it. 

Wednesday, April 17


Ok ok, I know I'm meant to be quitting buying so much nail varnish to save for my summer fund, but Boots conned me into it with there 3 for 2 offer, I promise! I needed a repurchase of my Lasting Perfection concealer and the Stay Matte powder after this happened, sob sob. So I may as well, right?
Anyway, this polish is so lovely, it reminds me of Utopia, but obviously a more blue toned than lilac. In terms of the smell, it smells horrible when it's wet, and when it's dry it isn't that overwhelmingly nice either. Also, it took three coats to be a decent coverage. (Ain't nobody got time for that.) So I wouldn't really recommend it. Although, I do love the colour so I'm definitely glad I bought it, but I can't say I'll be buying into any of the other shades. Have you posted about any of these new shades? Or maybe the neon ones? I'd love to read your thoughts too!

Tuesday, March 26


So, I accidentally picked up the Lychee shade of the Barry M Gelly range, a shocking few days after I promised not buy any more. Oops. I love the nude shade trend, so I'm glad to get one. I've only applied two coats even though it could do with three to be fully opaque. I'm far too lazy for that! I wish it was slightly less yellow toned than what it is, but in some lights it looks gorgeous, I want to try it with a glitter topcoat next and it would be perfect for a nail art base.

Tuesday, March 19

Collection 65

You know when you have no money or clothes and wonder where it's all gone, erm, awkward, I just realised. In my defense quite a few of these were gifts and a few were bought in offers like the Models Own 50% off sale, but I really don't have an excuse to have a grand total of 65 nail polishes when I don't even use half of them regularly. My favourite brand (obviously) is Models Own, the formula isn't incredible especially in terms of longevity, but they are my go to brand because of their packaging (sad, I know.) If I had endless amounts of money I would definitely move over to Essie as my newest purchase Figi has me hooked and the Nourish Me is amazing. Rimmel polishes have to be my favourite to apply, as the brush in the Lycra Pro collection is really wide and thick. I've never been a massive fan of Barry M products, even though I have no logical reason to not at all, I think it's because the packaging is a bit chavy for my liking (again with the packaging, stop.) Although the Gelly range has definitely won me over, I've bought Blueberry and the lilac shade which I can't remember the name of. I really have my eye on the Lychee shade after seeing Milkteef's post about it, but after this count I think I might steer clear of boots and superdrug for a while! 
I'm currently storing all my polishes on a shelf under my TV, which is the perfect height for them, but I really want one of the shelves I keep seeing people Instagram to display them properly, as there's so many I don't use just because I can't see them at the back! Please comment with links to any cheap polish shelves if you know any, or maybe your blog post about your storage?

Sunday, March 17

Disco Mix

As you can see on my Instagram photo here, I was given four Models Own polishes from my Uncle for my birthday. I have no idea how but he managed to randomly pick four that I don't already have?! I was shocked! One of them was Disco Mix, a gorgeous glitter polish with blue and purple pieces. The polish has a really thick glitter consistency, it only took two coats to get a complete coverage in the photos above. I'm not sure if it really suits me that much and I know it's going to be horrendous to get off, but I quite like it for now. I'm really tempted to count all of my polishes but I'm worried about how long it's going to take! 

Monday, March 11


This polish is the love of my life, sorry Models Own Utopia, you've met your match. I bought it about a week ago, as you can read about in this post here, but wanted to save it for my birthday weekend (I'm a sentimental idiot like that!) 
As an Essie polish, it obviously is high quality, so I don't really need to talk about that, but the colour is just so so gorgeous! Perfect for spring and summer. Now I've got three Essies, that can count as a collection right?

Wednesday, March 6

Not a haul

Sorry I've been a bit blogging AWOL recently, been a bit down recently and didn't feel like it. I'm a firm believer that forced posts are awful to read, so I only write when I feel like it, even if the inconsistency is a bit annoying for you lovely 41 followers! (Should I do a giveaway thing when I reach 50? I think I might) 

These are a few little things I treated myself to this week that I adore! I hate the word "haul", I know it's thrown around a lot on blogs and on Instagram but there's something about it that I don't like, but I suppose it is a little bit of a haul! (I also bought Kate Nash's new album Girl Talk, but I downloaded it so can't really include a photo of that!) 

I'm going to do individual reviews of the Essie polishes and the MUA blusher, because I haven't tried them yet and think they're so pretty they deserve their own posts. I bought these sunglasses from Topshop because this sudden little burst of sunshine we've had made me remember I broke mine last year and needed some new ones. You might have seen on my Instagram I really wanted these ones but as usual I wimped out and bought the boring simple ones that I'll get more wear out of. Damn sensibleness ruining the fun! 

I also bought this dress for my birthday night out on Saturday, but I'm a bit unsure if it's very "me", but hey, if you can't wear a glittery pink tutu dress for your birthday then when can you! 

Saturday, February 2


First post of February! Hello! This month will hopefully be quite good, going to the NME awards next weekend and reading week off Uni will be nice, might be able to go home for a few days.
I bought this nail varnish as I adore the Purple Prickle shade I have, and I'm pretty impressed with how long they last without chipping. I can't stop staring at the colour it's so bright. I'd definitely recommend this line of Polishes as they are such good quality for the price!

Wednesday, January 30

Purple leopard

A photo of the leopard print nails I did last night using Barry M Purple Prickle in the Gelly range, and my Models Own nail art pens. It's a surprisingly easy and quick design as any accidental messy bits can look intentional!
I think I might try others of the designs in the Wah Nail book, what do you think?

Friday, January 25

Blog spot

  Style Diaries 

Nails: Barry M Purple Prickle & Models Own nail art pen 

I first got into reading blogs probably about a year ago now, so not really that long. There was an article in Company on who had won awards and I liked LLYMLRS's ombred hair (before everyone had it, remember that?) and noticed that where she was living at the time was near my hometown. From there I started reading all the big high street type blogs like What Olivia Did, and VIPXO.
Since then blogging has got so so big, bigger than I think anyone would of predicted with books now out on how to make the perfect blog. Blog Inc. is a fascinating read, with actually useful hints, most of which I could of learnt from looking at the most successful blogs for inspiration, but it's always nice to have someone do all the work for you!
Company magazine in particular really has jumped on board with the blog trend, I can't remember the last issue that didn't include someone I recognised. The January issue in particular got a lot of criticism for its seemingly mocking attitude towards many of the bloggers that read, and even are in the magazine. Its infamous "//:do you speak blog" article was, I'd assume, a joke but it very closely bordered on the edge of offensive. There has to come a point where you look back and think "hey, it's only a photo of my clothes and make up on the interenet, chill out." 
I love reading blogs, and I love blogging even though I'd never ever call myself a blogger, cringe.