Wednesday, June 26

Note to self: don't be a cheapskate

I've been washing my hair every day since I can remember, I always feel better when it's just been washed. Yet, this is obviously really bad for your hair so I've cut it down to once every other day and it's made such a massive difference to its condition and how quickly it grows. However, this means it's greasy (it probably isn't that bad, I just hate it) every second day, so dry shampoos are a godsend. My old job had stacks and stacks of Batiste samples, for some unknown reason, so I forgot how expensive they could be once I left that job and my Batiste supply! I thought, being thrifty, I'd try a cheaper alternative and picked up a Superdrug, worst decision ever. It's such an awful product. The smell is a false, chemical, overpowering scent and it didn't actually make my hair feel or look any cleaner. I might try a few other Batiste dupes, as I know there are so so many now, but maybe I'll read a few reviews first!


  1. dry shampoo is one of those products that i've always found that its just worth sticking to the batiste version, i've never found a good dupe yet! so if you do find one, let me know! have you tried shops like b&m bargains and bodycare? it's where i get my batiste from and it's a hell of a lot cheaper than in boots and superdrug. x

  2. Superdrug had this on by 2 get 1 free which was cheaper than one bottle of batiste but its so rubbish I didn't even get through 1! I managed to pick up a bottle of batiste from aldi the other day for like £1 it might be worth trying there! xx


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