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Saturday, February 8

When feminism meets fashion

Fourth wave feminism is well and truly in swing. Social media and How to Be a Woman brought the f word to the masses, which can only be a good thing, but it has to have its limitations.When it comes to the fashion industry, fashion magazines in particular, feminism just doesn't fit. Vogue teaches us impossible consumerism aspirations, Glamour teaches us impossible beauty standards, Reveal teaches us to weight shame other women, teaching us the main purpose of a women is her looks and her possessions. So, how does feminism fit into the fashion industry? It doesn't, and Stylist proves it. Issue 207, the self proclaimed ‘feminism’ issue, appears false and contradictory. This isn't just a criticism, the issue makes a few good points, accessible to those who may otherwise not be interested, but for every step forward there's two steps back. For every mention of Germaine Greer, there's two pictures of photoshopped models scantily clad, pouting. For every criticism of the pay gap, there's an advert saying you need this lipstick to be attractive.Lucy Fosters article is elegant, to the point, and pretty much accurate, yet is this the right place to publish it? Girls will never rule the world when feminism is put next to a sexualized perfume advertisement. That's not what feminism is, what it never will be, and what it should never be.

Tuesday, January 21

Just a band

My 'new years resolution' (but not really, just a promise I happened to make in January) was to live more and be scared less, and this is the first time I really tried it out. One of my favourite places to be is in the crowd of a gig, something about seeing a song you listen to all the time actually being sung in front of you is pretty special. Maybe I'm just a fully fledged fangirl. There's been so many gigs I've been dying to go to, but not found anyone to go with and just been to scared to go alone. Bat for Lashes at Manchester Cathedral and Haim at Deaf Institute to name but a few. But, why was I too scared to go alone? I'm really happy in my own company, I work in coffee shops and go shopping alone and don't mind, so what's the difference? This gig confirmed, there is no difference at all. There was the odd awkward squirm where I obsessed over the thought what if the people here think I'm a loser on my own, but the real 'loser' thing to do would to be too afraid to do what I want to do, based on what others think. It was definitely worth getting over my fear for, the gig was amazing. As well as the sense of achievement, I also had a good night, danced, and met Scroobious Pip. I hate to quote a cliche saying, but do something each day that scares you, well and truly paid off. I'm now racking my brain to think of what else scares me, just so I can go and do it. Am I an adrenaline junkie now?

Saturday, December 28

Why don’t I like Lorde?

I’ve tried. I really have. But I just can’t like Lorde, and I have no idea why. It’s the same as a person who loves chocolate having an odd aversion to Dairy Milk. If you looked at the ‘related artists’, those similar to her, I’d love them all. Lana, Boy, Florence, Marina, Bat For Lashes, Foxes, Dillon, MS MR, London Grammar, Eliza, Haim; you name it, I like it. So why do I dislike Lorde?
Maybe it’s because she’s nothing new, maybe it’s because there’s no room in the inn for another Topshop-princess-a-rock star-too, or maybe I’m just jealous of her Merida hair and insane talent for liquid eyeliner. Whatever it is, maybe times are changing on the genre of my iTunes, and maybe that’s not a bad thing. 

Thursday, December 26

I'm ready for you, 2014

It’s the morning after Boxing Day, it’s 12:32am, I have to be up in 7 hours, I can’t sleep and shit’s about to get deep. If you prefer reviews of lipsticks over angsty moaning, avert your eyes elsewhere.

This blog post has been on my mind for a while now, and I was going to save it for a hungover New Years day task; but sometimes there are just those nights you stop up reflecting. There’s something about typing out all your thoughts to store them away on a screen rather than in your mind.  

I couldn’t be more excited for this year to be over, which sounds so pessimistic, but it’s been a strange mixture of the very worst year of my life with a few truly amazing bits thrown in for good measure. So many pity parties led me to forget to be proud that I have a job in my dream career before I’ve even hit 21 years old, which is the stupidest thing I’ve ever done. Only my best friends will know what I mean, in the way that it’s meant to be, I’d never dream of posting it online, which leads on to my next point.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about the honesty of social media. On Christmas morning I was scrolling through Instagram and Bloglovin’ (while sipping wine at the same time as eating Pringles, of course.) While scrolling, I became so envious of the perfect family photos, expensive present ‘hauls’ and spoiling boyfriends. It took me an entire day of sulking that my family isn’t perfect, I didn’t get a Macbook and my relationship ended this year, to realise that Instagram is just the world through rose tinted filters.

 In the generation of selfies, blogs, tweets and status’ we become more concerned with how we appear to others, rather than the real enjoyment. Surely thanking your family and friends with real words from your actual mouth is more enjoyable than posting a Facebook photo with the cringe worthy caption of “Santa’s been, must have been good this year.” You’re 21, grow up.

I never normally make New Years resolutions, they are normally just a half hearted promise to exercise more, but this year I’m making one that I’m keeping. I’m officially promising to actually live, rather than just tweeting about living. I wish I could make a resolution to not compare myself to others, but I think that that’s so ingrained in myself, and society, that just a change from 2013 to 2014 isn’t going to change that. I’m working on it. More than anything, my New Years resolution is to be happy and honest with myself, which will be so easy once I try as I have so much to be happy for.

2014 is going to bring living with the two best friends in the entire world,  working in an career I love, being truly happy to be alone, moving to the city centre, seeing Beyonce and Professor Green live, writing a dissertation on something that inspires and fascinates me, travelling, graduating and who knows what else yet. It is most definitely time to stop comparing my life to the #instalife of others and remember how fucking amazing that is.

p.s, I’ve found, and love, a playlist on Spotify called “Indie/Hipster Playlist” and can’t fully cope with how hilarious that fact is. 

song of the post - INDIE/HIPSTER Playlist

Wednesday, July 17

Company ranty rant

I saw that Catherine from Lady LiquorVintage tweeted about a ‘certain’ magazine translating ‘where do the hipsters hang?’ to Spanish, and instantly knew what she was referring to and had to buy it to see it. In the interest of writing this blog post, I wrote down every phrase that annoyed me and quickly filled a page. Maybe I’m too picky, maybe I’m easily annoyed, maybe I’m a bit of a snob. Yet, I don’t think I’m the only one who’s noticed the massive change Company has made.
Company has been one of my favourite magazines, aside from Oh Comely, forever. However, the recent changes have made me question whether I will even continue buying it. Magazines understandably have to keep up with social media and creating an online presence to keep on trend, but if I wanted to see constant hashtags and abbreviations, surely I’d just visit their twitter? If anything, I read magazines and books to take a break from twitter! When I read a published article by a professional journalist, I don’t want ‘<3’, ‘Oscar Nom’d’, or ‘lolz for your hols’
Linking fashion magazines with blogs was most definitely inevitable; they are so similar and go hand in hand in a lot of ways. Without this link it can be argued that people will look to blogs rather than magazines for fashion inspiration. Yet, any good idea can be taken too far. Company first hit controversy with its piece on the A to Z of blogging, making stereotypes that many perceived as offensive and mocking. As blogs are on the internet, obviously, I suppose it can be seen as natural to follow abbreviation conventions of twitter. But, surely these journalists will look back at their portfolio in ten years’ time and tut at their opinion that K-Stew’s dress was totes amaze?

Sunday, July 14

Disaster survival guide

Sometimes in life, disaster strikes. By disaster, I mean both Wi-Fi and 3G simultaneously going tits up. This is, I’ll admit, a major first world problem, but a problem it is. No Twitter, Blogger, Tumblr, Instagram; I can’t even see the babies-having-babies-chav-fest that is Facebook. As Twitter and Instagram were my go-to happy places to keep my thumbs busy while getting used to not texting my ex, I needed a survival plan - and fast.
  • Go for a walk: seems simple enough, why didn’t I think of it earlier? Because I was too busy looking at #instagood #nailart, that’s why.  
  • Read: in the past month or so, I have read the second and third Game of Thrones books (Jon Snow, why are you not mine?) Snow Child, Oscar Wilde’s poetry and Moranthology. Let me tell you, they have a lot more to say than my twitter feed does.
  • Cook: did you know how easy it is to make your own bread? No, neither did I, I was too busy doing Tumblr searches of Jon Snow (again, why is he not mine?)
  • Notice things: when on a bus, around 99% of the bus riders, if that is the correct term, are looking at their smartphones. Presumably, they too have found a photo of a cat. But when you put your phone down and look around, you will notice so many beautiful buildings. For example, I have only just realised that the McDonalds on Oxford Road in Manchester used to be a cinema.
  • Talk to people: this one seems the most obvious, but when you are out with people, you can actually talk to them. Similarly, your phone can also be used phone people, who knew?!
  • Sort: I hate sorting, really hate it, but life does feel that bit better when you have a neatly folded pile of old clothes, all ready for eBay
  • Think: I am no philosopher, but when I let my mind wander, it occasionally does come up with a few funny thoughts and very occasionally some clever thoughts
  • Write: when you don’t have a boyfriend to text your occasional funny and more occasional clever thoughts, you can note them in a notebook, type them in a blog (albeit on Word, to publish later), or tell your friends
I might be wrong, but this life sounds far more interesting and worthwhile than stalking photos of a girl you haven’t spoken to since secondary school, even if she does wear nice clothes 

Wednesday, June 26

Note to self: don't be a cheapskate

I've been washing my hair every day since I can remember, I always feel better when it's just been washed. Yet, this is obviously really bad for your hair so I've cut it down to once every other day and it's made such a massive difference to its condition and how quickly it grows. However, this means it's greasy (it probably isn't that bad, I just hate it) every second day, so dry shampoos are a godsend. My old job had stacks and stacks of Batiste samples, for some unknown reason, so I forgot how expensive they could be once I left that job and my Batiste supply! I thought, being thrifty, I'd try a cheaper alternative and picked up a Superdrug, worst decision ever. It's such an awful product. The smell is a false, chemical, overpowering scent and it didn't actually make my hair feel or look any cleaner. I might try a few other Batiste dupes, as I know there are so so many now, but maybe I'll read a few reviews first!

Friday, June 7

Beauty Bizarre

When I first spotted the Harvey Nicks Beauty Bazaar and after reading such good reviews on the blogosphere, I could feel my purse crying in anticipation of what was going to happen, but I'd never been more disappointed in a store. I'm not sure if it was the rucksack and denim jacket look that I was wearing that led to such judgmental 'what are you doing in here' looks, but I was definitely the subject of a few looks down of noses. I might sound really paranoid and self conscious in saying that, but its how I felt and it led to me not feeling as comfortable as I would to browse and really have a look at anything before a purchase. With that said, I loved the small 'high street/drug store' section, the staff in that area were a lot more friendly, complimenting my Models Own Blueberry Muffin polish. I was tempted to purchase something in this section of the store, but there was nothing that I couldn't of picked up in a Boots in my rucksack and denim jacket. 
Hope you don't mind this ranty post, its only my opinion and I'm sure many many others have had a lovely experience, maybe I am just being self conscious!

Monday, April 8


There is nothing like a really important piece of work due in that makes you want to do ANYTHING else instead of it. I love the essay that I am supposed to be doing right now, but I'm still so easily distracted! So, I made a Tumblr. Ooops. I'm really enjoying it though, I never got onto the bandwagon years ago when everyone else did, I'm not sure why, I couldn't be bothered I guess (had nothing else more important to be doing?) So, yeah, here it is! Follow me if you like (do you follow people? I have no idea) and feel free to put your links in the comments so I can see yours too!

Thursday, April 4

Be the girl you loved

I wasn't going to blog at all today, as this is a very average outfit and it was a very average day (apart from that I saw Antiques Road Trip being filmed!!! - that doesn't count as exciting to 99.9% of people, I am aware of this.) But I was waiting for the plumber to come and go so I could go out (again with the excitement, calm down Chlo) so was very very bored! I bought this top from a vintage stall in Liverpool, and found out after seeing it in one of Lily Melroses posts that it's quite new and actually from River Island! I only paid £5! Teamed with my Primark dip hem skirt I stopped wearing for ages for no apparent reason because I love it. 
P.S I only included a photo of my very unphotogenic face this close up as I was that bored I even included highlighter (Benefit High Beam to be precise) into my make up routine. 

Monday, April 1

The storm is over

I'm not going to go into it too much, but March was a hard month for me. I'm so so glad it's finally over and I'm going to take this new month to turn things around and have a fresh start. Today I've filled in a bit more of my Wreck This Journal (it's nearly wrecked!) and saw this little one at a garden centre. This is a bit of a quick post I just really wanted to share these pictures! Also, what do you think of the new buttons I've put under my photo under the right side bar? Took me so long to make an add them, I now hate HTML!

Sunday, March 31

Catch up #2

Happy Easter! Hope you're all in food comas by now! I'm going to spending the night finding new blogs and new music for some inspiration (as well as eating more chocolate, obviously.) I'm really looking forward to getting back to uni now so I can have all my things I've left behind around me, see my friends again and go to interesting places! Feel like I haven't been to an art gallery or museum for months and months (it's been about two weeks haha.) And I can't wait to get back into proper blogging again, I've got a few ideas planned like an empties post, a new bleached hair care post, and hopefully some outfit posts if my skin stops being to awful to face the camera! Wishlists are lovely to see, but they can get a bit monotonous! I am enjoying being home with Sky on the big screen and the heating on for now though, just looking forward to getting back to uni!

Wednesday, March 13


57 followers? What? I seriously can't believe it, my aim was always 50 followers, and when I first started out it seemed pretty unrealistic I'd ever get to that many and it's flew by in a few months! Thank you so much for clicking my page and reading what I have to say. 

I know I'll get more followers if I post outfits, nails, wishlists, make up reviews etc etc but I need to ask a quick question if you wouldn't mind commenting on this post or tweeting me @chloetea_ to let me know? 
Would you still read my blog if I occasionally posted about music? I do adore make up, clothes and nails. They tend to be the posts I read the most on blogs like LLYMLRS and Hello Chloe Rose, but I also love reading music blogs (please send links if you have one!) 

I obviously wont stop posting outfits and wishlists etc, but when I started really liking MS MR I really wanted to share them and write my thoughts about them but stopped and thought "ooh no I can't write about that, no one will want to read that", but it's silly because we all love music right? 


Friday, March 8


 Emmeline Pankhurst, the true riot grrl,
 Lauren Conrad, she's just so damn quoteable. "do you really want to change everything you believe in just cause some guy's pressuring you? 

Kate Nash, her new album says it all. 
Caitlin Moran, bringing feminism to the masses

Being a woman is a powerful thing. I adore the extent that that has been celebrated today on International Women’s Day, it’s really got me thinking about which women I am inspired by. I’m including photos of celebrities like Caitlin Moran and Kate Nash, but I’m mostly inspired by those women who do something to change something, even the smallest thing. I am most inspired by bravery; it is still a tough sexist world to make an impact and even small things like women being independent and having freedom inspires me. I sometimes think the blogging world is dangerous to young women as it has potential to make them feel like the shade of your blusher and the brand of your handbag is what defines you; the mould that bloggers sometimes strive to fit into, just to get more views than they would otherwise scares me. The obsession with self-image on the internet is a damaging thing, sometimes we need to turn off the screens, remember who we are and what we can do outside of the wardrobe and make up bag. 

Tuesday, January 29

The inevitable

Yep, it happened, I knew it would, I didn't know it would so soon!
One of my favourite Christmas presents this year was my Cath Kidston phone case as I'd wanted one for so long but they're just so expensive for what they are. Yesterday, it broke. In the most uncomfortable scratchy place possible!
Even though I am absolutely gutted obviously, I couldn't credit Cath Kidston enough for how they have dealt with my problem. I tweeted them, to which I was given the email address to send what had happened. They have said that if I post it to them (they'll reimburse the postage cost) and they will send me out a new one. Which seeing as I don't have the receipt I was really happy about!
Have you had any trouble with Cath Kidston phone cases?

Friday, January 25

Blog spot

  Style Diaries 

Nails: Barry M Purple Prickle & Models Own nail art pen 

I first got into reading blogs probably about a year ago now, so not really that long. There was an article in Company on who had won awards and I liked LLYMLRS's ombred hair (before everyone had it, remember that?) and noticed that where she was living at the time was near my hometown. From there I started reading all the big high street type blogs like What Olivia Did, and VIPXO.
Since then blogging has got so so big, bigger than I think anyone would of predicted with books now out on how to make the perfect blog. Blog Inc. is a fascinating read, with actually useful hints, most of which I could of learnt from looking at the most successful blogs for inspiration, but it's always nice to have someone do all the work for you!
Company magazine in particular really has jumped on board with the blog trend, I can't remember the last issue that didn't include someone I recognised. The January issue in particular got a lot of criticism for its seemingly mocking attitude towards many of the bloggers that read, and even are in the magazine. Its infamous "//:do you speak blog" article was, I'd assume, a joke but it very closely bordered on the edge of offensive. There has to come a point where you look back and think "hey, it's only a photo of my clothes and make up on the interenet, chill out." 
I love reading blogs, and I love blogging even though I'd never ever call myself a blogger, cringe. 

Wednesday, January 23

5 things

Jumper: Republic (old) Skirt: Primark (old) Nails: Essie Mint Candy Apple and Models Own nail art pen

I'm having such 'ugly days' recently I don't even know why I'm bothering to blog, and I'm not saying that in a "oh look how ugly I look in this photo, please post compliment comments to make me feel better" (I hate that too, trust me) I just feel it, even though I'm aware I'm not actually any worse looking than I was a month ago. It's probably a mixture of only wanting to wear my dressing gown and slippers all the time, and all of my warm ish clothes being at least a year old. Even though I do love my old clothes, I don't think many of them
suit who I am anymore. 
Caitlin Moran preaches it sistas, "When a woman says, 'I have nothing to wear!', what she really means is, 'There's nothing here for who I'm supposed to be today'" (had to try so hard to fight the student urge to reference that properly!)

5 things I hate/need to (and will) change: 
- being cold 
- having only a few warm outfits I like 
- wearing what I'm supposed to wear, instead of what I actually want to (it's ok to prefer converse to  my Topshop boots)
- Primark clothes that seem a good idea but you only wear a few times, cost per wear is key! 
- being cold, again just to prove my point on just how cold it is 

p.s, what do you think of my new header? I'm unsure! 

Saturday, November 24


Can't quite understand the drama over Miley Cyrus having her hair cut. I know I'm adding to the talks by blogging and tweeting about it, but with the post-olympic gloom I guess it's all anyone can be bothered to talk about. 
Donating her hair to a cancer charity, the negative comments about her drastic change seem even worse than the usual internet "troll" with Miley tweeting "if you don't have something nice to say don't say anything at all."
After her teenage years being prevented from any major changes to her looks while on the Disney show Hannah Montanna it's hardly suprising that she wants to do something so different. All that said, it's her hair, she can do what she wants with it. Even if she's put herself in the public eye it doesn't mean it's up to that public eye to decide what it sees.