Monday, July 15

Coral Pro

As ashamed as I am to say it, I think I’ve had this Avon Nailwear Pro polish for 8 months and not yet used it. With the way I organise my nail polish collection, I keep my Models Own and Essie ones near the front, leaving the others behind. My Nan and Uncles girlfriend both work as Avon representatives so when I asked for nail polishes for Christmas, I received this as one of them. I of course appreciate them, but just forgot about them! This shade, for obvious reasons called Coral, is a gorgeous pinky-red toned colour that’s really bright on the nail. I used three coats here as they’re not heavily pigmented enough for my taste, but I’m sure two would do. I’m glad I tried this out, finally, as I was eyeing up a really similar bright coral shade from Essie. I’ve saved myself £8 there! Hopefully this will kick me into gear of using up the neglected polishes left to the back of the shelf.  


  1. This is a lovely colour! And i'm glad you've saved yourself £8. I think Avon is underestimated. this is such a cute and simple little post :) x


  2. Such a gorgeous colour, perfect for summer :)
    hugs :)


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