Saturday, August 17

Red Sunrise

I’m not normally one for a red lip, past attempts have been slightly short of a disaster. One example is when I had very dark hair and very bright flash and I ended up looking like a vampire transvestite. As much as I am avoiding that ever happening again, except maybe a Canal Street Halloween event, I’ve managed to find a red lip product that I love. The Bourjouis Colour (I know it’s Color, but I can’t bring myself to spell it like that) Boost lip crayons are a relatively new release that have been really popular with bloggers. After seeing Lily Melrose suit the Red Sunrise shade and my hair colour being similar, (ish, not similar enough) I thought I’d give it a whirl. I find them to be really moisturising and comfortable on the lips, although still not too glossy. I wouldn’t say the colour lasts for the promised 10 hours, yet they are surprisingly pigmented and do stick around for quite a while. I would recommend them to anyone as an easy pop of colour. I’m really hoping they bring out some more shades.
As a side note, I'm still poorly and so so bored, if you can think of anything I can do, or blog about, to keep my mind busy please comment it below. I'm worried I'll start calling everyone 'your grace' if I read any more Game of Thrones! 


  1. I love these! Fuschia Libre and Peach on the Beach are my favourite shades :)

  2. Such a pretty colour! I love Orange punch as well x


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