Wednesday, September 11

I'd call it Bronze Strength

I really wanted this product to work, but it didn't. I adored the 60 second shot and was hoping for a similar result on a cheaper cost-per-use size*. I didn't hate it, it wasn't awful, but it just wasn't enough. At best, I'd call it a average conditioner, no where near the quality of a mask. With that said, if it was only promising to be a decent conditioner I wouldn't mind. Yet, when a product make such huge claims as to reverse 2 years of damage, you come to expect a lot. Maybe my 2 years of damage is more than others, it's been a busy 2 years of hair damaging clearly!

*In fairness, I didn't pay for this product, it was reduced in Asda so was cheekily chucked in my nans trolly. (Does this count as my first disclosure? Ooh I'm such a blogger now...)

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  1. Thank you for this review because if i'm honest, I probably would have bought this in the hope it would be the best condition ever (especially if it claims to repair 2 years of damage) I'm such a sucker when it comes to "hair repair" products, and even more so if it's a brilliant brand. I might consider trying the 60 Second Shot :) x



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