Saturday, February 8

When feminism meets fashion

Fourth wave feminism is well and truly in swing. Social media and How to Be a Woman brought the f word to the masses, which can only be a good thing, but it has to have its limitations.When it comes to the fashion industry, fashion magazines in particular, feminism just doesn't fit. Vogue teaches us impossible consumerism aspirations, Glamour teaches us impossible beauty standards, Reveal teaches us to weight shame other women, teaching us the main purpose of a women is her looks and her possessions. So, how does feminism fit into the fashion industry? It doesn't, and Stylist proves it. Issue 207, the self proclaimed ‘feminism’ issue, appears false and contradictory. This isn't just a criticism, the issue makes a few good points, accessible to those who may otherwise not be interested, but for every step forward there's two steps back. For every mention of Germaine Greer, there's two pictures of photoshopped models scantily clad, pouting. For every criticism of the pay gap, there's an advert saying you need this lipstick to be attractive.Lucy Fosters article is elegant, to the point, and pretty much accurate, yet is this the right place to publish it? Girls will never rule the world when feminism is put next to a sexualized perfume advertisement. That's not what feminism is, what it never will be, and what it should never be.

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