Thursday, April 4

Be the girl you loved

I wasn't going to blog at all today, as this is a very average outfit and it was a very average day (apart from that I saw Antiques Road Trip being filmed!!! - that doesn't count as exciting to 99.9% of people, I am aware of this.) But I was waiting for the plumber to come and go so I could go out (again with the excitement, calm down Chlo) so was very very bored! I bought this top from a vintage stall in Liverpool, and found out after seeing it in one of Lily Melroses posts that it's quite new and actually from River Island! I only paid £5! Teamed with my Primark dip hem skirt I stopped wearing for ages for no apparent reason because I love it. 
P.S I only included a photo of my very unphotogenic face this close up as I was that bored I even included highlighter (Benefit High Beam to be precise) into my make up routine. 


  1. Love this outfit! That skirt is adorable to say it's from Primark!

    Jaime xx

  2. Love the top, it's gorgeous! xx

  3. Great blog, you're adorable! Love the nail colour.

    Imagine Lace
    Ash. :)

  4. Love the outfit! you look so pretty!

  5. unphotogenic?!? you should have gone to specsavers... you look absolutely GORGEOUS here(well, Benefit do say that High Beam is supermodel in a bottle so I think you're the perfect advert!!)
    I love the topknot too!

    Rosie x


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