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Tuesday, September 10

Shopping the stash

After discovering I had two big Ikea bags full of clothes I don't want, yes two, I was left with a lot of guilt. Guilt especially when I realised I'd had a skirt I'd bought from Berlin last August and still not got around to tailoring to fit me. It was from a sweet little second hand shop type place and although I knew it'd be far too big for me I loved the print and length so couldn't leave it. After a quick sew, seriously it took me about 10 minutes and I've been putting it off for over a year, I now love my 'new' skirt. Because it's quite a statement peice for me, I put it with a black tshirt and tan brogues so it wasn't 'too much.' With that said, I think it's always best to wear clothes that aren't your usual style when you're in a comfortable position. What you might feel great in to go for a cup of tea with a friend, might feel awful on a first date. On a completely different topic, I bowed down to peer pressure and bought The Fault in Our Stars. I can't decide if I like it yet, it's very teen angst, but I guess it's well written teen angst.

Saturday, June 8

Don't tell me our youth is running out, its only just begun

flatforms: Primark - skirt: vintage - crop top: Primark - bag: H&M 

This is what I wore to go out for cocktails with my housemates a few nights ago, I completely forgotten I'd bought this skirt (I've worn it once, to Ikea, with my mom, what a waste!) I've fell back in love with it, it the right amount of high waisted to look nice with a crop top. This night was also the first night my flatforms, ie favourite things ever, made an outing. They're the perfect balance of casual and dressy and go with everything, luv u primark. I've had the bag around a month now, it reminds me of a Mulberry that I really like, but only £15 from H&M! 

Friday, May 24


Look at that sparkly drink! I love The Alchemist so much, I went for cocktails and food for a friends birthday and wanted to share the photos of all the amazing food and drinks. I would really recommend a visit if you ever can, it is so lovely. Anywhere that puts glitter in drinks is fine with me!