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Friday, February 7

Adventure Time

As I mentioned in my 'I'm ready for you, 2014' post, I'm going interrailing in June and I couldn't be more excited if I tried. I've never really understood the point of the 'buy a holiday wardrobe' thing, surely you can just wear what you have already and spend your money actually on the holiday? But I guess interrailing is a completely different thing, so I'll need some essentials. As much as I'd love to take every outfit I own with me, I turn into the crankiest person alive when I carry too much. Achy shoulders are not my friend. Luckily, I'm borrowing my aunties travel backpack, so I should be able to carry quite a lot without the weight, but I still want to take the bare minimum I can get away with. To do this, I'm on the hunt for the perfect pair of denim shorts, that I can wear constantly and that will go with anything. A day of Northern Quarter Levis hunting is on the cards. In terms of products, I'm planning on, again, taking as little as I can. Muji decanter pots will be my savior, only taking as much as I need, rather than huge tubs of shampoo will save valuable space and weight. I'm only really planning on taking loads of SPF, toner to keep oil at bay, and maybe an eyeliner for nights out. With that said, not wearing much make up poses the massively first world problems of not looking great on the photos. Cue sunglasses. I'm definitely getting some Clubmasters, not real ones of course (although I'd love some for my 21st, we'll see!) and I think i'll get a few other pairs. I lose everything! The one down side to travelling, is the actual travelling part. My kindle, maybe a few real books, bought as I go along, and a little Moleskine travel journal/book to doodle in might keep me sane on the 7 hour train journeys. I can't wait for more spring/summer collections to come in so I can start doing some real outfit planning/bikini hunting!

Friday, January 10

Gallery of Costume

My two great loves: museums and fashion. If there were puppies there, it'd be my heaven. I visited the Gallery of Costume in Manchester to see the temporary Dior exhibition. It felt a big wrong to be wearing an outfit mostly comprised of charity shop buys, borrowed clothes and ebay finds in the presence of such brands. Vivienne, I love you, one day you will be mine! Seeing the sketches was so fascinating, I sometimes forget that clothes were once just an idea in a sketchbook. I really want to get back into photographing where I go again, it's so east just to put a photo on instagram without really thinking about it, but actually taking my camera out and using it made a nice change. I did get a D in AS photography after all, might as well use my (lack of) knowledge! I also really need to get back into visiting different places again. I'm going to go to the new Hiker Meat exhibition at the Cornerhouse soon, again, my two loves of museums and scary films, ideal.

Tuesday, September 10

Shopping the stash

After discovering I had two big Ikea bags full of clothes I don't want, yes two, I was left with a lot of guilt. Guilt especially when I realised I'd had a skirt I'd bought from Berlin last August and still not got around to tailoring to fit me. It was from a sweet little second hand shop type place and although I knew it'd be far too big for me I loved the print and length so couldn't leave it. After a quick sew, seriously it took me about 10 minutes and I've been putting it off for over a year, I now love my 'new' skirt. Because it's quite a statement peice for me, I put it with a black tshirt and tan brogues so it wasn't 'too much.' With that said, I think it's always best to wear clothes that aren't your usual style when you're in a comfortable position. What you might feel great in to go for a cup of tea with a friend, might feel awful on a first date. On a completely different topic, I bowed down to peer pressure and bought The Fault in Our Stars. I can't decide if I like it yet, it's very teen angst, but I guess it's well written teen angst.

Monday, July 29

Sad songs

Quickly becoming one of my favourite tops ever, is this tshirt from Me & Yu. I saw this top in Afflecks Palace more than a year ago, and kept putting it off for no reason at all. I went last week and checked to see if they still had it, when I couldn't find it for a while I was gutted. When I finally found it, I knew how much I must have wanted it! Me & Yu are a brand that hand print all of their tshirts, the quality of the fabric and production is lovely. I couldn't recommend them more, i'm definitely wanting to purchase a few more from the collection! There really is something to be said for buying from independent designers like Me & Yu, you know you'll get something more unique and better quality than Topshop (no offence Topshop, luv u 4eva)
I guess I also love this tshirt, because I relate to it so much, (yes I do feel like I'm having 15 year old teen angst saying that, sorry!) If you follow me on twitter, you'll probably have gathered by now that my favourite band are Bon Iver, I saw them live last year and it was perfect. I also love artists/bands like Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Joe Banfi, Keaton Henson, Glasvegas, Nick Mulvey, Bat For Lashes, Daughter etc etc. Although constantly listening to music like Keaton Henson should have me pretty down, it actually really chills me out.
Anyway, back to the tshirt! I wore this outfit to visit friends in Chester (which I'll also be blogging about) as it's the perfect comfy throw on outfit for travelling and rainy weather. I love how the converse and nail varnish (Essie, Naughty Nautical) break up the monochrome of the outfit, just because the sky is black, doesn't mean I have to be. I obviously wore it with my favourite Chloetea necklace, but I think I might have too many words on me. Along with my lyrics tattoo on my back, I'm a walking notebook in this outfit!

Tuesday, April 2

Fail For You

Bad quality photos on blogs really annoy me and now I keep uploading them! My camera refuses to focus when I'm far from the camera. (If it bothers you as much as it bothers me, comment and I'll make more effort to focus my camera!)
ANYWAY. This is quite a simple outfit I guess, black, white and grey aren't the most exciting colours I own. I bought this blazer recently from Primark reduced from £30 to £10 after seeing it on an I Covet Thee haul video and I'm so glad I bought it as I nearly didn't! I've got a feeling it will go with quite a lot of my clothes and it looks smart without being uncomfortable. I put the Rimmell Lycra Pro polish on as it only needs one coat and I was in a rush! I wore this to the Raquib Shaw exhibition at the Manchester Art Gallery and to the library to get started on my dissertation, scary! Also, I'm wearing some of my new Dainty Doll make up in these photos which I will blog about soon.

Thursday, March 28

Evie Knight

I'm a big fan of 'local produce' in food and especially fashion, small Manchester boutiques like Thrifette are my favourite. We should all do our bit to help keep independent businesses alive in this economy. I got an email from Evie Knight about their newly launched brand and I love their pieces, here are a few of my favourites in a wishlist. My absolute favourite is the Nina Skater dress but all of them are so lovely! I love how the site gives the pieces cute names like "cold shoulder lace blouse" and "coral catcher skater dress", it makes them sound so quirky! What are your favourites?

Thursday, March 14

Pesky Google

I love the word "pesky", there is something brilliant about it but I can't decide what. Reminds me of "I would of got away with it if it wasn't for those meddling kids"
Wow, that was a tangent, sorry, basically Google are pesky. Getting rid of GFC like that! I'm really not a massive fan of Bloglovin, I don't really understand it but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it. So anyway, apologies on your feed for what must be 289358298 posts of the same thing, but here you have it! Follow my blog with Bloglovin
Right, now to the interesting bit. Lectures got cancelled last minute this morning so I got to sit in bed on my laptop and then met friends in Trof for lunch and green tea. I've got so much on at the minute it was nice to have a relaxed morning for a little while!  Here are the few things I picked up from Forever 21 on my birthday (post linked here.) I absolutely love the shirt, it's a bit brighter than I wanted originally, but it's a really pretty colour. I really like how the studs aren't gold or silver, makes them more subtle.
As a little extra point, I had such a good response to my post about talking about music, thank you so much! You are right, it is my little part of the internet, I should write about what I care about.

Monday, February 18


These treggings are my second favourite purchase I've bought in so so long, the first being my iPhone 4S. They fit so well and (sorry for sounding big headed ew) make my figure look alright, you can't really tell in these photos but they go up to about my belly button-ish (the technical term!) They're sort of exactly the same as disco pants fit wise, but just not shiny, which is the only thing I don't really like about disco pants. I was after some ages ago and had a day hunting some down in Trafford Centre, and left with high waisted jeans from Miss Selfridge instead. As much as my jeans are really so similar, sometimes skinny jeans are just too uncomfortable! 
There are things I've learnt from taking these photos, 1) I don't know how to use my new Tripod, 2) my boyfriend's right - I do have old lady hands 3) I should of wrapped up more today, it's still not warm enough! 
Anyway, I've had such a good day today so far, you know when everything starts to slot into place, lots of exciting things coming up in the next few months, daunting but so exciting. I think it's officially spring now with all the sun the past few days, although it will probably snow next week to prove me wrong or something! But so far, 2013 is looking so good! 

Saturday, February 16

Buy my things!

Basically, I'm trying to empty out my wardrobe of things I don't actually wear. It looks so full, but I barely wear any of it! So a few of these things I will really miss, like my Levi Shorts that I bought on my first little explore around Manchester, I want them to go to a good home! But why keep what you don't wear right? They'll all be put up on my eBay account soon (eBay takes so long!), but if you want anything, feel free to email me an offer! The link for the blog shop page is here.

(followers of my blog get priority, even if I could make more money on eBay)

Monday, February 4

Cosy tights

Jumper: Topshop - Skirt: Topshop - Jacket: H&M - Nails: Models Own Utopia and ASOS Party Mix - Stupid face: c/o me

I heard all the rumours and saw all the tweets but didn't believe it. But I can confirm it is all true, the Cosy Tights from Primark are in fact sent from angels. They're so warm I can’t even describe it, probably warmer than my cheap H&M leggings. I love them, I’m never taking them off. (Well, I will, but you catch my drift)
I bought the skirt from my Topshop wish list (sorry, not sorry) along with some amazing glitter Chelsea boots that I wasn’t brave enough to wear but are on my Instagram here. I get my tripod on Friday so hopefully my outfit posts will improve a bit soon! 

I don’t know why I’m posing like a loser in the photo of me, it was probably to demonstrate how cosy I am, I’m uploading it anyway cause I like the way my hair looks for the first time in ages. Sorry! 

Sunday, February 3

Topshop Wishlist #2

I really enjoyed making my topshop wishlist from the "new in this week" section last week, but I've really not been as impressed this time! Although, all the summer clothes has got me so excited for summer, I really need some adventure this year. I absolutely love the midi dress, I think it would look so cute with a denim jacket and gladiator sandals! I think I'm going to do this type of post next week too, but hopefully with a bit more luck!

Monday, January 28

Topshop Wishlist

I'm having a Topshop Personal Shopping thing for my birthday in March from my boyfriend and family, so I'm going to keep an eye out for their new items more often to get a feel of what I might want. These are a few of my favourite things from the "new this week" section of the website. I absolutely love the print of this fox scarf, it's so cute! And the Paisley shirt is absolutely perfect, I want it so much! 
Have you blogged any new Topshop OOTD's recently, send links if you have, I need inspiration!