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Friday, February 7

Adventure Time

As I mentioned in my 'I'm ready for you, 2014' post, I'm going interrailing in June and I couldn't be more excited if I tried. I've never really understood the point of the 'buy a holiday wardrobe' thing, surely you can just wear what you have already and spend your money actually on the holiday? But I guess interrailing is a completely different thing, so I'll need some essentials. As much as I'd love to take every outfit I own with me, I turn into the crankiest person alive when I carry too much. Achy shoulders are not my friend. Luckily, I'm borrowing my aunties travel backpack, so I should be able to carry quite a lot without the weight, but I still want to take the bare minimum I can get away with. To do this, I'm on the hunt for the perfect pair of denim shorts, that I can wear constantly and that will go with anything. A day of Northern Quarter Levis hunting is on the cards. In terms of products, I'm planning on, again, taking as little as I can. Muji decanter pots will be my savior, only taking as much as I need, rather than huge tubs of shampoo will save valuable space and weight. I'm only really planning on taking loads of SPF, toner to keep oil at bay, and maybe an eyeliner for nights out. With that said, not wearing much make up poses the massively first world problems of not looking great on the photos. Cue sunglasses. I'm definitely getting some Clubmasters, not real ones of course (although I'd love some for my 21st, we'll see!) and I think i'll get a few other pairs. I lose everything! The one down side to travelling, is the actual travelling part. My kindle, maybe a few real books, bought as I go along, and a little Moleskine travel journal/book to doodle in might keep me sane on the 7 hour train journeys. I can't wait for more spring/summer collections to come in so I can start doing some real outfit planning/bikini hunting!

Tuesday, January 21

Just a band

My 'new years resolution' (but not really, just a promise I happened to make in January) was to live more and be scared less, and this is the first time I really tried it out. One of my favourite places to be is in the crowd of a gig, something about seeing a song you listen to all the time actually being sung in front of you is pretty special. Maybe I'm just a fully fledged fangirl. There's been so many gigs I've been dying to go to, but not found anyone to go with and just been to scared to go alone. Bat for Lashes at Manchester Cathedral and Haim at Deaf Institute to name but a few. But, why was I too scared to go alone? I'm really happy in my own company, I work in coffee shops and go shopping alone and don't mind, so what's the difference? This gig confirmed, there is no difference at all. There was the odd awkward squirm where I obsessed over the thought what if the people here think I'm a loser on my own, but the real 'loser' thing to do would to be too afraid to do what I want to do, based on what others think. It was definitely worth getting over my fear for, the gig was amazing. As well as the sense of achievement, I also had a good night, danced, and met Scroobious Pip. I hate to quote a cliche saying, but do something each day that scares you, well and truly paid off. I'm now racking my brain to think of what else scares me, just so I can go and do it. Am I an adrenaline junkie now?

Friday, January 10

Gallery of Costume

My two great loves: museums and fashion. If there were puppies there, it'd be my heaven. I visited the Gallery of Costume in Manchester to see the temporary Dior exhibition. It felt a big wrong to be wearing an outfit mostly comprised of charity shop buys, borrowed clothes and ebay finds in the presence of such brands. Vivienne, I love you, one day you will be mine! Seeing the sketches was so fascinating, I sometimes forget that clothes were once just an idea in a sketchbook. I really want to get back into photographing where I go again, it's so east just to put a photo on instagram without really thinking about it, but actually taking my camera out and using it made a nice change. I did get a D in AS photography after all, might as well use my (lack of) knowledge! I also really need to get back into visiting different places again. I'm going to go to the new Hiker Meat exhibition at the Cornerhouse soon, again, my two loves of museums and scary films, ideal.

Thursday, December 26

I'm ready for you, 2014

It’s the morning after Boxing Day, it’s 12:32am, I have to be up in 7 hours, I can’t sleep and shit’s about to get deep. If you prefer reviews of lipsticks over angsty moaning, avert your eyes elsewhere.

This blog post has been on my mind for a while now, and I was going to save it for a hungover New Years day task; but sometimes there are just those nights you stop up reflecting. There’s something about typing out all your thoughts to store them away on a screen rather than in your mind.  

I couldn’t be more excited for this year to be over, which sounds so pessimistic, but it’s been a strange mixture of the very worst year of my life with a few truly amazing bits thrown in for good measure. So many pity parties led me to forget to be proud that I have a job in my dream career before I’ve even hit 21 years old, which is the stupidest thing I’ve ever done. Only my best friends will know what I mean, in the way that it’s meant to be, I’d never dream of posting it online, which leads on to my next point.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about the honesty of social media. On Christmas morning I was scrolling through Instagram and Bloglovin’ (while sipping wine at the same time as eating Pringles, of course.) While scrolling, I became so envious of the perfect family photos, expensive present ‘hauls’ and spoiling boyfriends. It took me an entire day of sulking that my family isn’t perfect, I didn’t get a Macbook and my relationship ended this year, to realise that Instagram is just the world through rose tinted filters.

 In the generation of selfies, blogs, tweets and status’ we become more concerned with how we appear to others, rather than the real enjoyment. Surely thanking your family and friends with real words from your actual mouth is more enjoyable than posting a Facebook photo with the cringe worthy caption of “Santa’s been, must have been good this year.” You’re 21, grow up.

I never normally make New Years resolutions, they are normally just a half hearted promise to exercise more, but this year I’m making one that I’m keeping. I’m officially promising to actually live, rather than just tweeting about living. I wish I could make a resolution to not compare myself to others, but I think that that’s so ingrained in myself, and society, that just a change from 2013 to 2014 isn’t going to change that. I’m working on it. More than anything, my New Years resolution is to be happy and honest with myself, which will be so easy once I try as I have so much to be happy for.

2014 is going to bring living with the two best friends in the entire world,  working in an career I love, being truly happy to be alone, moving to the city centre, seeing Beyonce and Professor Green live, writing a dissertation on something that inspires and fascinates me, travelling, graduating and who knows what else yet. It is most definitely time to stop comparing my life to the #instalife of others and remember how fucking amazing that is.

p.s, I’ve found, and love, a playlist on Spotify called “Indie/Hipster Playlist” and can’t fully cope with how hilarious that fact is. 

song of the post - INDIE/HIPSTER Playlist

Tuesday, September 10

Shopping the stash

After discovering I had two big Ikea bags full of clothes I don't want, yes two, I was left with a lot of guilt. Guilt especially when I realised I'd had a skirt I'd bought from Berlin last August and still not got around to tailoring to fit me. It was from a sweet little second hand shop type place and although I knew it'd be far too big for me I loved the print and length so couldn't leave it. After a quick sew, seriously it took me about 10 minutes and I've been putting it off for over a year, I now love my 'new' skirt. Because it's quite a statement peice for me, I put it with a black tshirt and tan brogues so it wasn't 'too much.' With that said, I think it's always best to wear clothes that aren't your usual style when you're in a comfortable position. What you might feel great in to go for a cup of tea with a friend, might feel awful on a first date. On a completely different topic, I bowed down to peer pressure and bought The Fault in Our Stars. I can't decide if I like it yet, it's very teen angst, but I guess it's well written teen angst.

Monday, August 12

Winter wishlist

Being in bed ill with rain outside has got me wanting knitwear and all things cosy. I'm even starting to think about my Christmas list, I'm looking at you Naked Palette. This is the winter coat I think I might get, after seeing it in Trafford centre and falling in love with the lining. Although a winter coat is such an investment so I need more time to think about it! At £78 it isn't too bad at all, especially with student discount on top, but it's hard to imagine if it will go with all of my clothes. After last year of falling out of love with my coat and freezing to death in my leather jacket instead, these things are some serious business! As much as I love summer and hate being cold, I adore winter clothes and can't wait to pick some up.

Wednesday, August 7

The dress that everyone has

dress: Topshop - Sandals: Primark - Rucksack: River Island

A combination of lots of shifts at work, my skin becoming awful, and not having a clue what the weather will do from hour to hour, my outfits have become pretty dull and safe. This dress in particular is really easy to throw on and be ready to go. Ever since it went into the sale for £20, I've seen so so many people wearing it, but it isn't crazily short on anyone a normal height, unlike myself! As bad as it is to say, I'm looking forward to being able to wear this with Primark cosy tights and some chunky boots, sorry summer. 

Saturday, July 13

Room tour!

I moved into my lovely new home ready for third year of university (how did that happen?) I think I've finally got my room looking nearly how I want it to look. Obviously I unpacked my nail polishes first, and dropped and broke one sob sob, but I love the way they look on my fireplace! It really is the cosiest, girliest room ever so I'm hoping I wont turn into a total recluse because I love being in there so much! As you can see, where my make up is stored (or getting ready station, which is so much more fun to say) is painted pink, it used to be such an ugly chipped grey as you can see here, so I bought a few pink an purple tester paint pots and made it look so much prettier, fingers crossed the landlord doesn't notice/mind!

Friday, July 12


I am finally back! I still don’t have wifi in my new house, and blogging in cafes is sometimes just that bit too much of an effort. But I’m back to stopping at home-home (uni students will know what I mean) for a few days so I’ve got internet. Hallelujah! Here are a few photos of a lovely park in Didsbury from yesterday; it’s so lovely in this weather. I took my camera out for the first time in ages and played around with the macro settings and got some nice snaps. I’ve got my room tour of my new room in my drafts ready to publish tomorrow, but wanted to share these photos first! Also, how lovely are these sandals? They were £12 from Primark and I adore them, I think I’ll get so much wear out of them, and very dodgy tan lines! 

Wednesday, May 22

End of year two!

I still can't believe I've finished my second year of university, this year has gone so so fast! The past few weeks have been really hectic with revision (and mild panicking) but it's all over until September now so I can finally get back into blogging! Also, I have very very good news! I've got an amazing new job and I'm so so excited, and it means I can stay in Manchester over the summer which will be so much fun. A pay rise definitely means I have an excuse for a new wardrobe I think! I know this post is a bit dull, but I've got a few lined up about new bits I've bought that I'm quite excited about. I'm glad to be back to my little space on the interwebs. But for now I'm just having a chilled evening of reading and DVDs.

Tuesday, May 7

Tans & Tiaras

Here is my lovely prize from Lora from Tans and Tiaras giveaway a while ago. How lucky am I?! I love the little crown she made, so sweet! I haven't tried all of the products yet, I popped on the Elemis Lip Revive on quickly to try it out because I was intrigued and absolutely loved it, it reminds me of the Dr Lipp Nipple Balm but not as thick. I'll do individual posts on bits soon once I've tried them, I just really wanted to show what I'd won and say thank you to Lora

Sunday, April 28

Catch up #3

Hello! I've not blogged in so long, I have no idea why! I doubt you've missed me, but if you have, here are some photos of what I've been up to recently, with a promise I'll be back to blogging soon. I've mostly been revising in Starbucks with my new tablet, having hungover naps, going for meals, watching DVDs and having time to myself to relax. I've also included a photo of my cats memorial plaque, it still doesn't feel real that she's gone. (Yes, she was called Katiebobbles. Yes, the man who made it did laugh)
How good is the new Daft Punk song!? I knew when I first heard it it would go straight to number one. 

Thank you if you've took the time to read this ramble, hope you're having a lovely Sunday! 

Monday, April 8


There is nothing like a really important piece of work due in that makes you want to do ANYTHING else instead of it. I love the essay that I am supposed to be doing right now, but I'm still so easily distracted! So, I made a Tumblr. Ooops. I'm really enjoying it though, I never got onto the bandwagon years ago when everyone else did, I'm not sure why, I couldn't be bothered I guess (had nothing else more important to be doing?) So, yeah, here it is! Follow me if you like (do you follow people? I have no idea) and feel free to put your links in the comments so I can see yours too!

Monday, April 1

The storm is over

I'm not going to go into it too much, but March was a hard month for me. I'm so so glad it's finally over and I'm going to take this new month to turn things around and have a fresh start. Today I've filled in a bit more of my Wreck This Journal (it's nearly wrecked!) and saw this little one at a garden centre. This is a bit of a quick post I just really wanted to share these pictures! Also, what do you think of the new buttons I've put under my photo under the right side bar? Took me so long to make an add them, I now hate HTML!

Sunday, March 31

Catch up #2

Happy Easter! Hope you're all in food comas by now! I'm going to spending the night finding new blogs and new music for some inspiration (as well as eating more chocolate, obviously.) I'm really looking forward to getting back to uni now so I can have all my things I've left behind around me, see my friends again and go to interesting places! Feel like I haven't been to an art gallery or museum for months and months (it's been about two weeks haha.) And I can't wait to get back into proper blogging again, I've got a few ideas planned like an empties post, a new bleached hair care post, and hopefully some outfit posts if my skin stops being to awful to face the camera! Wishlists are lovely to see, but they can get a bit monotonous! I am enjoying being home with Sky on the big screen and the heating on for now though, just looking forward to getting back to uni!

Wednesday, March 27

Catch Up #1

As much as I love seeing make up swatches, nail art tutorials and outfit of the days, it's also lovely to actually get to know the person behind the blog. Majority of the blogs I keep going back to, I go back to because I like their personality rather than having perfect photos of enviable wardrobes. So I'm going to start doing catch up posts, as I do genuinely believe that blogs can sometimes get a bit to materialistic rather than the community they should offer.
ANYWAY. You might have seen on my Instagram that my lovely little cat passed away this week, so I'm back home from uni for a week to grieve and relax as much as I can. I also took this opportunity to have an interview with Ironbridge Gorge Museums to do some event work over the summer which I am so so excited about! I got to have a little wander around the Blists Hill museum after the interview and bought some shortbread and looked in the gorgeous outfitters! I went shopping to treat myself afterwards and bought some more Primark Cosy Tights to cope this weather and the jacket that is mentioned in this haul by I Covet Thee.
Also, I think I might be going blonde on Friday. HELP. Is this a good decision? Whenever I feel down I always have to do something to shake me out of it like a piercing, but bleach is a bit scary! I'm stocking up on hot oils and serums to get it back into condition so I'm prepared!
Do you like posts like these? Feel free to scroll past to the pictures if not, I liked writing it!