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Friday, January 10

Gallery of Costume

My two great loves: museums and fashion. If there were puppies there, it'd be my heaven. I visited the Gallery of Costume in Manchester to see the temporary Dior exhibition. It felt a big wrong to be wearing an outfit mostly comprised of charity shop buys, borrowed clothes and ebay finds in the presence of such brands. Vivienne, I love you, one day you will be mine! Seeing the sketches was so fascinating, I sometimes forget that clothes were once just an idea in a sketchbook. I really want to get back into photographing where I go again, it's so east just to put a photo on instagram without really thinking about it, but actually taking my camera out and using it made a nice change. I did get a D in AS photography after all, might as well use my (lack of) knowledge! I also really need to get back into visiting different places again. I'm going to go to the new Hiker Meat exhibition at the Cornerhouse soon, again, my two loves of museums and scary films, ideal.

Tuesday, August 13

Little corner

Here is where I blog, read Game of Thrones, drink tea and avoid my dissertation. I love having a little place I can sit that isn't my bedroom! I really do love my new little house, it's such a princess castle and the next uni year is going to be so fun here. I don't have much more to say about it, pretty self explanatory!