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Wednesday, March 27

Catch Up #1

As much as I love seeing make up swatches, nail art tutorials and outfit of the days, it's also lovely to actually get to know the person behind the blog. Majority of the blogs I keep going back to, I go back to because I like their personality rather than having perfect photos of enviable wardrobes. So I'm going to start doing catch up posts, as I do genuinely believe that blogs can sometimes get a bit to materialistic rather than the community they should offer.
ANYWAY. You might have seen on my Instagram that my lovely little cat passed away this week, so I'm back home from uni for a week to grieve and relax as much as I can. I also took this opportunity to have an interview with Ironbridge Gorge Museums to do some event work over the summer which I am so so excited about! I got to have a little wander around the Blists Hill museum after the interview and bought some shortbread and looked in the gorgeous outfitters! I went shopping to treat myself afterwards and bought some more Primark Cosy Tights to cope this weather and the jacket that is mentioned in this haul by I Covet Thee.
Also, I think I might be going blonde on Friday. HELP. Is this a good decision? Whenever I feel down I always have to do something to shake me out of it like a piercing, but bleach is a bit scary! I'm stocking up on hot oils and serums to get it back into condition so I'm prepared!
Do you like posts like these? Feel free to scroll past to the pictures if not, I liked writing it!

Tuesday, March 19

Collection 65

You know when you have no money or clothes and wonder where it's all gone, erm, awkward, I just realised. In my defense quite a few of these were gifts and a few were bought in offers like the Models Own 50% off sale, but I really don't have an excuse to have a grand total of 65 nail polishes when I don't even use half of them regularly. My favourite brand (obviously) is Models Own, the formula isn't incredible especially in terms of longevity, but they are my go to brand because of their packaging (sad, I know.) If I had endless amounts of money I would definitely move over to Essie as my newest purchase Figi has me hooked and the Nourish Me is amazing. Rimmel polishes have to be my favourite to apply, as the brush in the Lycra Pro collection is really wide and thick. I've never been a massive fan of Barry M products, even though I have no logical reason to not at all, I think it's because the packaging is a bit chavy for my liking (again with the packaging, stop.) Although the Gelly range has definitely won me over, I've bought Blueberry and the lilac shade which I can't remember the name of. I really have my eye on the Lychee shade after seeing Milkteef's post about it, but after this count I think I might steer clear of boots and superdrug for a while! 
I'm currently storing all my polishes on a shelf under my TV, which is the perfect height for them, but I really want one of the shelves I keep seeing people Instagram to display them properly, as there's so many I don't use just because I can't see them at the back! Please comment with links to any cheap polish shelves if you know any, or maybe your blog post about your storage?