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Tuesday, January 21

Just a band

My 'new years resolution' (but not really, just a promise I happened to make in January) was to live more and be scared less, and this is the first time I really tried it out. One of my favourite places to be is in the crowd of a gig, something about seeing a song you listen to all the time actually being sung in front of you is pretty special. Maybe I'm just a fully fledged fangirl. There's been so many gigs I've been dying to go to, but not found anyone to go with and just been to scared to go alone. Bat for Lashes at Manchester Cathedral and Haim at Deaf Institute to name but a few. But, why was I too scared to go alone? I'm really happy in my own company, I work in coffee shops and go shopping alone and don't mind, so what's the difference? This gig confirmed, there is no difference at all. There was the odd awkward squirm where I obsessed over the thought what if the people here think I'm a loser on my own, but the real 'loser' thing to do would to be too afraid to do what I want to do, based on what others think. It was definitely worth getting over my fear for, the gig was amazing. As well as the sense of achievement, I also had a good night, danced, and met Scroobious Pip. I hate to quote a cliche saying, but do something each day that scares you, well and truly paid off. I'm now racking my brain to think of what else scares me, just so I can go and do it. Am I an adrenaline junkie now?

Tuesday, July 30

Chester day trippin'

After having an extra day off from work that what I thought I had, I spent an hour frantically texting my two friends who live in Chester asking if I could come visit. Here are a few photos I took that I love. Chester is such a quaint city, I see why it's such a tourist attraction. I love going away for a day every once in a while. As much as I love Manchester, it's always nice to have a change!

Tuesday, April 2

Fail For You

Bad quality photos on blogs really annoy me and now I keep uploading them! My camera refuses to focus when I'm far from the camera. (If it bothers you as much as it bothers me, comment and I'll make more effort to focus my camera!)
ANYWAY. This is quite a simple outfit I guess, black, white and grey aren't the most exciting colours I own. I bought this blazer recently from Primark reduced from £30 to £10 after seeing it on an I Covet Thee haul video and I'm so glad I bought it as I nearly didn't! I've got a feeling it will go with quite a lot of my clothes and it looks smart without being uncomfortable. I put the Rimmell Lycra Pro polish on as it only needs one coat and I was in a rush! I wore this to the Raquib Shaw exhibition at the Manchester Art Gallery and to the library to get started on my dissertation, scary! Also, I'm wearing some of my new Dainty Doll make up in these photos which I will blog about soon.

Wednesday, March 27

Catch Up #1

As much as I love seeing make up swatches, nail art tutorials and outfit of the days, it's also lovely to actually get to know the person behind the blog. Majority of the blogs I keep going back to, I go back to because I like their personality rather than having perfect photos of enviable wardrobes. So I'm going to start doing catch up posts, as I do genuinely believe that blogs can sometimes get a bit to materialistic rather than the community they should offer.
ANYWAY. You might have seen on my Instagram that my lovely little cat passed away this week, so I'm back home from uni for a week to grieve and relax as much as I can. I also took this opportunity to have an interview with Ironbridge Gorge Museums to do some event work over the summer which I am so so excited about! I got to have a little wander around the Blists Hill museum after the interview and bought some shortbread and looked in the gorgeous outfitters! I went shopping to treat myself afterwards and bought some more Primark Cosy Tights to cope this weather and the jacket that is mentioned in this haul by I Covet Thee.
Also, I think I might be going blonde on Friday. HELP. Is this a good decision? Whenever I feel down I always have to do something to shake me out of it like a piercing, but bleach is a bit scary! I'm stocking up on hot oils and serums to get it back into condition so I'm prepared!
Do you like posts like these? Feel free to scroll past to the pictures if not, I liked writing it!

Monday, March 18

Song of the post

This is a bit of a weird post, I was going to take outfit photos of my new Ombre jumper but I completely forgot. These are just a few photos from my day today, I volunteered at a museum, had an interview at another one (which I got), went to a gorgeous library to do some Uni work and went to Cath Kidston. Busy bee! This post is titled "Song of the post" as it's a new feature I thought of having on my blog, it will be at the end of the post with the title and artist of a song that either suits the theme of the post, a new track that I'm loving or an old one that I love. What do you think? Is it silly? I can't think of a proper name for it which is a bit annoying but it will do. I'm going to enjoy sharing my music anyway!
Also, can you spot me in these photos? Made me laugh so much! And while you're here don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin!    Follow on Bloglovin

Friday, February 8

Manchester, I love you

I've lived in Manchester for well over a year now and still haven't been to this beautiful part of the city. There is so much that is still on my to-do list but I'm glad to have ticked off such a lovely one today!
Because of time (and a bad choice of outfit, sunny yes, warm no) I didn't get to explore as much as I'd like but I visited the Salford Quays. I went specifically to see the Imperial War Museum, for research and generally for geeky activities, but it was also so cool to see the Lowry and the BBC building. I really need to keep up exploring the city I live in, I want to have seen everything by the time I finish Uni!