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Saturday, February 8

Simple tips

I love my job, it's in the career I want and it's fun. But not being allowed to have my nails painted is such a pain. But a few loopholes, what you can't see doesn't count, and viola! I thought I used to have a white polish for French Manicure tips, but not being able to find it led to using the pale pink, Fiji dupe, Easy Going shade by Sinful Colours. And I actually much prefer this. Although it's a bit messy, not bad for 11pm while on the phone may I add, it'll do for work. Naked nails are just ugly.

Tuesday, February 4

It's the colours you have

As I said in my last blog post, I have a lot of nail varnishes, an amount most would call extreme, an amount most bloggers would call average. To prove my point, I have 9 different shades of blue and green (one being purple makes me a bit sad.) So, here's a photo. Boring post. Sorry not sorry.

Sunday, August 25

Old favourite

When I first got into reading blogs almost two years ago now, (where has that time gone?) I first started reading Lily's from LLYMLRS. I much prefer reading fashion blogs than beauty, as I'd much rather spend my money on clothes than make up. I realised today that that means I've loved Lily's signature polish duo of Models Own Utopia and Models Own Ibiza Mix for two years. I think Utopia was the first Models Own polish I bought, and I now have about 30. The first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem! In a way, I probably regret starting reading blogs because that is a lot of dollar! I went off wearing glitter polish for quite a while, just because of how much of a nightmare it is to get off, but I still love Ibiza Mix and as stupid as it sounds, I feel myself when I wear it.

Friday, May 24

Rosy Fiji

I just can't put Essie Fiji down, it is so perfect. Having nearly 70 polishes I get so annoyed at myself always using the same colour, but I just love it so much! I felt like putting something a bit different on today so added these little roses, I hope I can get back into nail art now I've finished Uni for the summer. Hopefully I'll have a bit more time because I really enjoy when I get around to it! I need to look at more nail art posts for inspiration to try something a bit different, if you know of any links of any cool designs comment them below!