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Tuesday, January 21

Just a band

My 'new years resolution' (but not really, just a promise I happened to make in January) was to live more and be scared less, and this is the first time I really tried it out. One of my favourite places to be is in the crowd of a gig, something about seeing a song you listen to all the time actually being sung in front of you is pretty special. Maybe I'm just a fully fledged fangirl. There's been so many gigs I've been dying to go to, but not found anyone to go with and just been to scared to go alone. Bat for Lashes at Manchester Cathedral and Haim at Deaf Institute to name but a few. But, why was I too scared to go alone? I'm really happy in my own company, I work in coffee shops and go shopping alone and don't mind, so what's the difference? This gig confirmed, there is no difference at all. There was the odd awkward squirm where I obsessed over the thought what if the people here think I'm a loser on my own, but the real 'loser' thing to do would to be too afraid to do what I want to do, based on what others think. It was definitely worth getting over my fear for, the gig was amazing. As well as the sense of achievement, I also had a good night, danced, and met Scroobious Pip. I hate to quote a cliche saying, but do something each day that scares you, well and truly paid off. I'm now racking my brain to think of what else scares me, just so I can go and do it. Am I an adrenaline junkie now?

Friday, November 23

Your love will be, safe with me

I saw Bon Iver at MEN this month, and it was perfect. I had pretty high expectations as it was but they were better than even I expected. Although I was so disappointed they didn't play my favourite song (Re:Stacks) they were so wonderful, I was mesmerized

Thursday, November 15

Never Fade Away

A photo from Spector's performance at the HMV Ritz in Manchester. Fred Macphearson was as lovely and funny as ever doing some "Derren Brown shit" asking a member of the audience for their name who had the same name as the backstage wifi password (Charlie5 if you're interested)