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Tuesday, January 21

Just a band

My 'new years resolution' (but not really, just a promise I happened to make in January) was to live more and be scared less, and this is the first time I really tried it out. One of my favourite places to be is in the crowd of a gig, something about seeing a song you listen to all the time actually being sung in front of you is pretty special. Maybe I'm just a fully fledged fangirl. There's been so many gigs I've been dying to go to, but not found anyone to go with and just been to scared to go alone. Bat for Lashes at Manchester Cathedral and Haim at Deaf Institute to name but a few. But, why was I too scared to go alone? I'm really happy in my own company, I work in coffee shops and go shopping alone and don't mind, so what's the difference? This gig confirmed, there is no difference at all. There was the odd awkward squirm where I obsessed over the thought what if the people here think I'm a loser on my own, but the real 'loser' thing to do would to be too afraid to do what I want to do, based on what others think. It was definitely worth getting over my fear for, the gig was amazing. As well as the sense of achievement, I also had a good night, danced, and met Scroobious Pip. I hate to quote a cliche saying, but do something each day that scares you, well and truly paid off. I'm now racking my brain to think of what else scares me, just so I can go and do it. Am I an adrenaline junkie now?

Saturday, December 28

Why don’t I like Lorde?

I’ve tried. I really have. But I just can’t like Lorde, and I have no idea why. It’s the same as a person who loves chocolate having an odd aversion to Dairy Milk. If you looked at the ‘related artists’, those similar to her, I’d love them all. Lana, Boy, Florence, Marina, Bat For Lashes, Foxes, Dillon, MS MR, London Grammar, Eliza, Haim; you name it, I like it. So why do I dislike Lorde?
Maybe it’s because she’s nothing new, maybe it’s because there’s no room in the inn for another Topshop-princess-a-rock star-too, or maybe I’m just jealous of her Merida hair and insane talent for liquid eyeliner. Whatever it is, maybe times are changing on the genre of my iTunes, and maybe that’s not a bad thing. 

Monday, July 29

Sad songs

Quickly becoming one of my favourite tops ever, is this tshirt from Me & Yu. I saw this top in Afflecks Palace more than a year ago, and kept putting it off for no reason at all. I went last week and checked to see if they still had it, when I couldn't find it for a while I was gutted. When I finally found it, I knew how much I must have wanted it! Me & Yu are a brand that hand print all of their tshirts, the quality of the fabric and production is lovely. I couldn't recommend them more, i'm definitely wanting to purchase a few more from the collection! There really is something to be said for buying from independent designers like Me & Yu, you know you'll get something more unique and better quality than Topshop (no offence Topshop, luv u 4eva)
I guess I also love this tshirt, because I relate to it so much, (yes I do feel like I'm having 15 year old teen angst saying that, sorry!) If you follow me on twitter, you'll probably have gathered by now that my favourite band are Bon Iver, I saw them live last year and it was perfect. I also love artists/bands like Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Joe Banfi, Keaton Henson, Glasvegas, Nick Mulvey, Bat For Lashes, Daughter etc etc. Although constantly listening to music like Keaton Henson should have me pretty down, it actually really chills me out.
Anyway, back to the tshirt! I wore this outfit to visit friends in Chester (which I'll also be blogging about) as it's the perfect comfy throw on outfit for travelling and rainy weather. I love how the converse and nail varnish (Essie, Naughty Nautical) break up the monochrome of the outfit, just because the sky is black, doesn't mean I have to be. I obviously wore it with my favourite Chloetea necklace, but I think I might have too many words on me. Along with my lyrics tattoo on my back, I'm a walking notebook in this outfit!

Wednesday, July 3

Are you getting enough

Nails: Models Own Utopia and Party Pieces 
Lipstick - Rimmel Lasting Finish shade 19
Jacket: Zara - Leggings: Topshop - Bag: Zara - Tshirt: Primark 

My new house doesn't yet have the wifi set up, so I'm currently typing this up in Starbucks, (yes I am one of those people.) And I've also used the Starbucks wifi to get Professor Green tickets, I am so so excited! I saw him on the tour with the second album and it was really good, I hope it's as good this year! Anyway, this is what I wore, I bought this jacket from the Zara sale for £12 reduced from £40 and I really love it! I'm not sure what else I could wear it with apart from just all black, but I'm sure I'll find something else. I'm all settled into my new house now, and I have a little room tour post planned if anyone would be interested?

Thursday, June 27

London Grammar

I've really enjoyed adding the 'song of the post' part to my blog posts, I think it adds something different and it makes it more personal to me because of how much I love music. Recently I've really got into London Grammar recently, especially the song I'm Wasting My Young Years, Hannah has such a gorgeous voice! I need to stop listening to new music as much though as I'm worried how much data allowance streaming Soundcloud must use! I've also actually not liked anything by the Arctic Monkeys since the first album, but I love the new track Do I Wanna Know, I still don't like Alex Turner now he's such a poser, but it's a brilliant song. As much as I love specific beauty or fashion blogs, I wish more people would post about what music they listen to, as music is made to be shared!  

Saturday, May 11

Kyla La Grange

I came across Kyla La Grange through reading the lovely Cellardoor Magazine and even though I don't talk about music much on here, I wanted to share her gorgeous voice! I'm having a major self-pity-looks-wise kind of day, so choosing a few photos to post was only slightly full of sadness and envy. Isn't she just gorgeous!? I know the Kate Bush comparison is thrown around far too often, but I can hear it with her. Anyway, I don't want to ramble, music connoisseur I am not. Just wanted to share with you!

Sunday, March 31

Catch up #2

Happy Easter! Hope you're all in food comas by now! I'm going to spending the night finding new blogs and new music for some inspiration (as well as eating more chocolate, obviously.) I'm really looking forward to getting back to uni now so I can have all my things I've left behind around me, see my friends again and go to interesting places! Feel like I haven't been to an art gallery or museum for months and months (it's been about two weeks haha.) And I can't wait to get back into proper blogging again, I've got a few ideas planned like an empties post, a new bleached hair care post, and hopefully some outfit posts if my skin stops being to awful to face the camera! Wishlists are lovely to see, but they can get a bit monotonous! I am enjoying being home with Sky on the big screen and the heating on for now though, just looking forward to getting back to uni!

Wednesday, March 13


57 followers? What? I seriously can't believe it, my aim was always 50 followers, and when I first started out it seemed pretty unrealistic I'd ever get to that many and it's flew by in a few months! Thank you so much for clicking my page and reading what I have to say. 

I know I'll get more followers if I post outfits, nails, wishlists, make up reviews etc etc but I need to ask a quick question if you wouldn't mind commenting on this post or tweeting me @chloetea_ to let me know? 
Would you still read my blog if I occasionally posted about music? I do adore make up, clothes and nails. They tend to be the posts I read the most on blogs like LLYMLRS and Hello Chloe Rose, but I also love reading music blogs (please send links if you have one!) 

I obviously wont stop posting outfits and wishlists etc, but when I started really liking MS MR I really wanted to share them and write my thoughts about them but stopped and thought "ooh no I can't write about that, no one will want to read that", but it's silly because we all love music right? 


Friday, January 11

It's a Haim thing

Haim are painfully cool, so much so I can't listen to Don't Save Me or Forever without wanting to drop out of Uni and tour the world in a girl band, (am I the only one? - probably)

But as I've seen on Zoe of London Lipgloss' new music site, sisters Este and Danielle have a past which makes me typing this blog in a fleecy leopard print PJ suit not seem all too bad!

I'm sure if they 'make it big' (hate that term, sorry ugh) this video will appear on every chat show they ever go on for the rest of their lives!


Sunday, December 2


Dress: H&M - Top: Primark - Nails: Models Own Jade Stone
I love when I find old clothes and wear them in a new way, until my next student loan it's the closest I'll come to new clothes (sob) This dress is far far too low cut for me but I love it as a skirt.

p.s, some one comment all the many many reasons I should buy this dress? I love it, but £26 when I already have it in Grey? 

(The title comes from this song by Haim that I can not stop listening to) 

Friday, November 23

Your love will be, safe with me

I saw Bon Iver at MEN this month, and it was perfect. I had pretty high expectations as it was but they were better than even I expected. Although I was so disappointed they didn't play my favourite song (Re:Stacks) they were so wonderful, I was mesmerized

Thursday, November 15

Never Fade Away

A photo from Spector's performance at the HMV Ritz in Manchester. Fred Macphearson was as lovely and funny as ever doing some "Derren Brown shit" asking a member of the audience for their name who had the same name as the backstage wifi password (Charlie5 if you're interested)