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Wednesday, October 2

I'm a hazard to myself

Blog, meet Hazard. I was very naughty on the 20% off student day and went a bit wild, when I was only meant to be "buying my winter coat and browsing." I'll blog about my other purchases at some point but I am most excited by my gorgeous Topshop lipstick. I've wanted one for a while, I'm a sucker for packaging, but when a Topshop make up artist helped me find the shade I wanted I just couldn't say no. Any make up artist who can know what I mean when I asked for "dirty red" is clearly quite talented! Clearly I know nothing about describing make up so shouldn't really blog at all, but apparently "dirty red" was description enough. My go-to red has been the Bourjouis Colour Boost in Red Sunrise as it's so moisturising and easy to apply but as Hazard is a much deeper red I think it's less of a statement and suits my hair more! Unlike Red Sunrise, it's super pigmented so you have to be really careful when applying to not go overboard, but it sets surprisingly matte which I love. The one thing I can't stand about make up is being able to feel it on your skin, or lips, but when you only apply a little amount it is really light, so pretty much the perfect formula for me! I'm that in love with it I've dented a whole in it looking at myself while pushing the lid onto it (idiot) but hopefully I'll use it so much it'll smooth out soon. I'm now on the hunt for another Topshop shade, what have I started?! P.S, if anyone's missed me, which I doubt, I've been crazy busy starting back at uni but I'm going to get back into a blogging routine soon.

Wednesday, August 7

The dress that everyone has

dress: Topshop - Sandals: Primark - Rucksack: River Island

A combination of lots of shifts at work, my skin becoming awful, and not having a clue what the weather will do from hour to hour, my outfits have become pretty dull and safe. This dress in particular is really easy to throw on and be ready to go. Ever since it went into the sale for £20, I've seen so so many people wearing it, but it isn't crazily short on anyone a normal height, unlike myself! As bad as it is to say, I'm looking forward to being able to wear this with Primark cosy tights and some chunky boots, sorry summer. 

Thursday, March 28

Let's go surfing

Where is this 'spring' everyone keeps referring to? All I can see is snow! I can't wait for spring to come so I can put away my wellies and start wearing looser clothes, less layers and prettier colours. I absolutely love the colour of this playsuit from Topshop, it screams spring and would look so nice under a denim jacket like this one. I had a little 'scratch and sniff' of the new scented polishes from Models Own yesterday, I wasn't too overwhelmed by the smells, but the colours are gorgeous, I especially like the light blue shade (called Blueberry Muffin if you're interested) as I don't think I've got anything similar at all! I'm definitely not a hat person at all, only the occasional beanie if my hair is a mess, but Chloe from Hello Chloe Rose always looks so good in them so I really want to try one on like this one from Miss Selfridge.
This post is scheduled as today I'm off to Birmingham to visit my Great Nan for lunch, I've got to take my Nan on a train, wish me luck!

Wednesday, March 6

Not a haul

Sorry I've been a bit blogging AWOL recently, been a bit down recently and didn't feel like it. I'm a firm believer that forced posts are awful to read, so I only write when I feel like it, even if the inconsistency is a bit annoying for you lovely 41 followers! (Should I do a giveaway thing when I reach 50? I think I might) 

These are a few little things I treated myself to this week that I adore! I hate the word "haul", I know it's thrown around a lot on blogs and on Instagram but there's something about it that I don't like, but I suppose it is a little bit of a haul! (I also bought Kate Nash's new album Girl Talk, but I downloaded it so can't really include a photo of that!) 

I'm going to do individual reviews of the Essie polishes and the MUA blusher, because I haven't tried them yet and think they're so pretty they deserve their own posts. I bought these sunglasses from Topshop because this sudden little burst of sunshine we've had made me remember I broke mine last year and needed some new ones. You might have seen on my Instagram I really wanted these ones but as usual I wimped out and bought the boring simple ones that I'll get more wear out of. Damn sensibleness ruining the fun! 

I also bought this dress for my birthday night out on Saturday, but I'm a bit unsure if it's very "me", but hey, if you can't wear a glittery pink tutu dress for your birthday then when can you! 

Sunday, February 17

Topshop Wishlist #4

It's now less than a month until my birthday and my personal shopping spree at Topshop, I'm so excited! Starting to get rid of a few things in my wardrobe to make some room for it all. London Fashion Week has got me wanted to shop for a new wardrobe so much, but I'm going to wait! Although I am tempted to get a new Essie polish this week, oops. Oh, and I bought these Topshop treggings today which I'll blog about soon. (Spending ban is going oh so well!)
Also, is it slightly obvious that I really want to try these Peel Off Nails polishes? I'm so lazy when it comes to wiping off my polish so this sounds so good! Worried it might fall off quite easily though, if you see any reviews let me know!

Tuesday, February 12

Topshop Wishlist #3

As you might have seen here and here, I've been making a wishlist every week of the "what's new in this week" on Topshop, ready for my personal shopping spree on my birthday. So here's this weeks! (Thankfully a lot more successful thank last week!) I'm beginning to get more and more drawn to summery clothes, even though it's snowing, clever one. I'm pretty sure everyone will own this Puppy Shirt once it hits the shops, and everyone have a look at the back of the black dress, it's gorgeous! As you may of noticed, I'm still not over the flatform trend, oops!
Same as the other weeks, I'm still after some new Topshop outfit posts for inspiration, so comment or tweet me links!

(p.s I'm home from Uni for the week and left my camera there, so blogging might be a bit lazy-wishlist for a while!)

Sunday, February 3

Topshop Wishlist #2

I really enjoyed making my topshop wishlist from the "new in this week" section last week, but I've really not been as impressed this time! Although, all the summer clothes has got me so excited for summer, I really need some adventure this year. I absolutely love the midi dress, I think it would look so cute with a denim jacket and gladiator sandals! I think I'm going to do this type of post next week too, but hopefully with a bit more luck!

Monday, January 28

Topshop Wishlist

I'm having a Topshop Personal Shopping thing for my birthday in March from my boyfriend and family, so I'm going to keep an eye out for their new items more often to get a feel of what I might want. These are a few of my favourite things from the "new this week" section of the website. I absolutely love the print of this fox scarf, it's so cute! And the Paisley shirt is absolutely perfect, I want it so much! 
Have you blogged any new Topshop OOTD's recently, send links if you have, I need inspiration! 

Wednesday, January 23

5 things

Jumper: Republic (old) Skirt: Primark (old) Nails: Essie Mint Candy Apple and Models Own nail art pen

I'm having such 'ugly days' recently I don't even know why I'm bothering to blog, and I'm not saying that in a "oh look how ugly I look in this photo, please post compliment comments to make me feel better" (I hate that too, trust me) I just feel it, even though I'm aware I'm not actually any worse looking than I was a month ago. It's probably a mixture of only wanting to wear my dressing gown and slippers all the time, and all of my warm ish clothes being at least a year old. Even though I do love my old clothes, I don't think many of them
suit who I am anymore. 
Caitlin Moran preaches it sistas, "When a woman says, 'I have nothing to wear!', what she really means is, 'There's nothing here for who I'm supposed to be today'" (had to try so hard to fight the student urge to reference that properly!)

5 things I hate/need to (and will) change: 
- being cold 
- having only a few warm outfits I like 
- wearing what I'm supposed to wear, instead of what I actually want to (it's ok to prefer converse to  my Topshop boots)
- Primark clothes that seem a good idea but you only wear a few times, cost per wear is key! 
- being cold, again just to prove my point on just how cold it is 

p.s, what do you think of my new header? I'm unsure! 

Friday, December 28

Sale buys

A few bits I've been buying yesterday with my Christmas money! I normally hate sales but I managed to get a few decent bits. I've wanted this Topshop for ages, they only had a size 16 left but I prefer jumpers baggier anyway! I also managed to get this gorgeous Zara bag reduced down to £16.99 and some jewellery from republic all reduced to half price!

(Sorry about the awful photo quality, temporary use of my iPhone!) 

Sunday, December 2


Dress: H&M - Top: Primark - Nails: Models Own Jade Stone
I love when I find old clothes and wear them in a new way, until my next student loan it's the closest I'll come to new clothes (sob) This dress is far far too low cut for me but I love it as a skirt.

p.s, some one comment all the many many reasons I should buy this dress? I love it, but £26 when I already have it in Grey? 

(The title comes from this song by Haim that I can not stop listening to) 

Tuesday, November 27


Top: Topshop (old) - Shorts: Miss Selfridge

A few photos from having cocktails with friends last night! I couldn't decide what to call the post so named it after my favourite cocktail. Whipped cream on top anyone? Amazing.

I know everyone and their mother (probably literally) has this cut out top from Topshop but it just goes with everything and it's so comfortable! I wish I'd got more colours because I think it's sold out in shops now.
How massive is the bun in my hair? I bought a new one from Primark that I thought was the same size as my old one, apparently not. I do quite like it big though so I might stick with it.

On a completely unrelated note, I found this on a Tumblr today, how cute is it!?

Trolls, take note: