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Monday, August 12

Winter wishlist

Being in bed ill with rain outside has got me wanting knitwear and all things cosy. I'm even starting to think about my Christmas list, I'm looking at you Naked Palette. This is the winter coat I think I might get, after seeing it in Trafford centre and falling in love with the lining. Although a winter coat is such an investment so I need more time to think about it! At £78 it isn't too bad at all, especially with student discount on top, but it's hard to imagine if it will go with all of my clothes. After last year of falling out of love with my coat and freezing to death in my leather jacket instead, these things are some serious business! As much as I love summer and hate being cold, I adore winter clothes and can't wait to pick some up.

Monday, June 17

Paul and Joe

Although I have a 'beauty blog', I'm honest about not knowing the first thing when it comes to make up. The main reason I started reading beauty blogs in the first place was to build up a bit of knowledge about what to buy and how to apply it. Through blogs I've found such holy grail products as the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer and the Rimmel Stay Matte powder and now I wouldn't know what I'd do without them! Although I much prefer fashion blogs, I love reading honest reviews and seeing swatches before buying anything. I've seen Paul and Joe around on blogs, and I absolutely adore the designs of the packaging Sophie Mechaly has designed. Here is my wish list of a few bits I like, I really want to get some of the bits of the collection.

Thursday, March 28

Evie Knight

I'm a big fan of 'local produce' in food and especially fashion, small Manchester boutiques like Thrifette are my favourite. We should all do our bit to help keep independent businesses alive in this economy. I got an email from Evie Knight about their newly launched brand and I love their pieces, here are a few of my favourites in a wishlist. My absolute favourite is the Nina Skater dress but all of them are so lovely! I love how the site gives the pieces cute names like "cold shoulder lace blouse" and "coral catcher skater dress", it makes them sound so quirky! What are your favourites?

Let's go surfing

Where is this 'spring' everyone keeps referring to? All I can see is snow! I can't wait for spring to come so I can put away my wellies and start wearing looser clothes, less layers and prettier colours. I absolutely love the colour of this playsuit from Topshop, it screams spring and would look so nice under a denim jacket like this one. I had a little 'scratch and sniff' of the new scented polishes from Models Own yesterday, I wasn't too overwhelmed by the smells, but the colours are gorgeous, I especially like the light blue shade (called Blueberry Muffin if you're interested) as I don't think I've got anything similar at all! I'm definitely not a hat person at all, only the occasional beanie if my hair is a mess, but Chloe from Hello Chloe Rose always looks so good in them so I really want to try one on like this one from Miss Selfridge.
This post is scheduled as today I'm off to Birmingham to visit my Great Nan for lunch, I've got to take my Nan on a train, wish me luck!

Sunday, February 17

Topshop Wishlist #4

It's now less than a month until my birthday and my personal shopping spree at Topshop, I'm so excited! Starting to get rid of a few things in my wardrobe to make some room for it all. London Fashion Week has got me wanted to shop for a new wardrobe so much, but I'm going to wait! Although I am tempted to get a new Essie polish this week, oops. Oh, and I bought these Topshop treggings today which I'll blog about soon. (Spending ban is going oh so well!)
Also, is it slightly obvious that I really want to try these Peel Off Nails polishes? I'm so lazy when it comes to wiping off my polish so this sounds so good! Worried it might fall off quite easily though, if you see any reviews let me know!

Thursday, February 14

The best love is the kind that awakens the soul

I'm really not a fan of Valentine's day at all, I'm one of those annoying people that say "you should show them you love them every day", we've bought cards before but for nearly £3 for a card from Paperchase or Urban Outfitters (essential, card factory is a no no), I can think of better things to buy! With that said if my boyfriend wanted to get me this bag, I wouldn't exactly say no. The more I look at it, the more I want to ask for it for my 21st birthday!
This is just a wishlist of a few things I would of wanted if I believed in Valentine's day, although we are going to KFC tonight, beat that Viv'.

Tuesday, February 12

Topshop Wishlist #3

As you might have seen here and here, I've been making a wishlist every week of the "what's new in this week" on Topshop, ready for my personal shopping spree on my birthday. So here's this weeks! (Thankfully a lot more successful thank last week!) I'm beginning to get more and more drawn to summery clothes, even though it's snowing, clever one. I'm pretty sure everyone will own this Puppy Shirt once it hits the shops, and everyone have a look at the back of the black dress, it's gorgeous! As you may of noticed, I'm still not over the flatform trend, oops!
Same as the other weeks, I'm still after some new Topshop outfit posts for inspiration, so comment or tweet me links!

(p.s I'm home from Uni for the week and left my camera there, so blogging might be a bit lazy-wishlist for a while!)

Sunday, February 3

Topshop Wishlist #2

I really enjoyed making my topshop wishlist from the "new in this week" section last week, but I've really not been as impressed this time! Although, all the summer clothes has got me so excited for summer, I really need some adventure this year. I absolutely love the midi dress, I think it would look so cute with a denim jacket and gladiator sandals! I think I'm going to do this type of post next week too, but hopefully with a bit more luck!

Monday, January 28

Topshop Wishlist

I'm having a Topshop Personal Shopping thing for my birthday in March from my boyfriend and family, so I'm going to keep an eye out for their new items more often to get a feel of what I might want. These are a few of my favourite things from the "new this week" section of the website. I absolutely love the print of this fox scarf, it's so cute! And the Paisley shirt is absolutely perfect, I want it so much! 
Have you blogged any new Topshop OOTD's recently, send links if you have, I need inspiration! 

Wednesday, December 5

Winter essentials

My skin, especially my lips have got so dry in this inexplicably cold weather. It needs some pampering with some new products as soon as possible! 
I usually have quite an oily complexion so I'm not used to having to moisturise my face but I borrowed the Simple light moisturiser recently and it made such a noticeable difference straight away. 
I usually use Vaseline on my lips but it's not doing the job recently, so I really want to get a decent Burts Bees balm or the Nipple Balm (weird name, I know) that Lily Melrose raves about! 
Also, I'm pretty obsessively wanting one of the Lush lip scrubs that everyone has, apparently the popcorn one is tasty! 

I've been stuck at Uni all day writing essays, but the lovely Swedish folk band First Aid Kit kept me through it! 

Monday, December 3

Holidays are coming!

I'm sure you've all seen 52894820 Christmas wishlists but here's mine! (Well, part of mine, oops!)
We've had Christmas music channels on all day and it's put me in the mood.

1 - Essie Mint Candy Apple 
2 - Brave camera and scrapbook set (I really want to make a scrapbook of Christmas photos this year!) 
3 - Starbucks cold drinks cup
4 - Cath Kidston phone case (main reason I upgraded my iPhone to 4s!) 
5 - Cath Kidston 2013 Diary, I need to get more organised next year. 

p.s I ordered the dress.....